The Worst Episode Of Better Call Saul, According To IMDb

After putting together one of the greatest television dramas of all time in the form of "Breaking Bad," creator Vince Gilligan set his sights on a spin-off. "Better Call Saul" puts the focus on Jimmy "Saul Goodman" McGill (Bob Odenkirk), exploring his complicated relationships with the people in his life as well as the legal system. While most spin-offs of successful shows crash and burn in short order, "Better Call Saul" has become a small-screen classic in its own right, standing at the forefront of AMC's programming lineup for six total seasons.

On the whole, "Better Call Saul" doesn't disappoint. It has drama, a touch of comedy, numerous memorable moments, and more, making it more than a worthy successor to "Breaking Bad." However, if one were to rank all of the show's 63 episodes, one would inevitably have to end up at the bottom of the list. Over on IMDb, that spot belongs to the Season 1 installment "Alpine Shepherd Boy," which is technically tied for the spot with Season 2's "Rebecca," but the former has more ratings, so it's further cemented as the worst of the bunch.

Of course, "Alpine Shepherd Boy" is just at the bottom of the list according to IMDb users. What does a much different corner of the internet, Reddit, think the show's weakest link is?

Reddit users differ when it comes to the worst Better Call Saul episode conversation

While the majority of IMDb users found "Alpine Shepherd Boy" to be the worst "Better Call Saul" episode, most folks over on Reddit had vastly different feelings on the topic. A since-deleted Reddit user started a thread to survey the online community and get its picks for the weakest installments, and Redditors from all over the site had interesting choices to offer. "Black and Blue" from Season 6, Season 1's "Marco," and "Talk" from Season 4, among others, came up multiple times, with "Alpine Shepherd Boy" even making a few appearances throughout the thread.

At the same time, Redditor u/Skizzius brought up a fascinating point: "This whole thread is someone names episode 'I disagree that episode is good' That's how you know the show is good. None of us can even agree what a bad episode is." All over the thread, there are instances of "Better Call Saul" fans naming episodes they don't like, only for one or more people to come to that episode's defense. Not only does it show that "Better Call Saul" doesn't have any egregiously bad episodes, but it serves as a reminder that favorite episodes aren't one-size-fits-all. There will be disagreement no matter what due to differing tastes among fans.

No matter which episode you may think is the worst of them all, it's hard to deny that one episode's weakness doesn't diminish the overall greatness of "Better Call Saul."