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Where To Watch Criminal Minds: Evolution

The world of "Criminal Minds" is still going strong, but it's looking quite a bit different these days compared to how it used to. Less than three years after the original "Criminal Minds" TV series wrapped up its roughly 15-year run in 2020, the show returned to fans by way of a freshly rebranded sequel series: "Criminal Minds: Evolution."

There are quite a few changes from "Criminal Minds" to "Criminal Minds: Evolution," from the absences of certain classic characters to its new season-long case narrative format. However, there have also been a sizable number of behind-the-scenes changes with regard to the show's distribution, most crucially being that it's no longer airing on its classic network home of CBS. With that in mind, fans who haven't seen "Criminal Minds: Evolution" yet may be wondering where exactly to watch it.

The simplest answer is that "Criminal Minds: Evolution" has moved the franchise over to the streaming service Paramount+, which hosts many CBS-affiliated properties. However, that's not the only way that fans can catch up with the series.

Criminal Minds: Evolution is available online in a few ways

Outside of a basic subscription to Paramount+, there are a few other ways to stream "Criminal Minds: Evolution." While the series isn't available in its entirety on any other major subscription services, it is available to purchase on most major digital storefronts that host media. That includes Amazon Prime Video, the iTunes store, the Google Play store, the Microsoft store, Vudu, and YouTube.

At the time of this article's publishing, Season 1 of "Criminal Minds: Evolution" — also referred to as Season 16 of "Criminal Minds" proper — has wrapped up, while Season 2 is still in the works. As such, a physical edition of the full first season is also available to buy in either DVD or Blu-ray format. The physical version of the new show's first season can be found at major retailers like Amazon.

With all of this said, the overall best option to keep up to date on new episodes of "Criminal Minds: Evolution" remains Paramount+. Not only does the service host new episodes of the show as soon as they drop, but it also has all 15 previous seasons of "Criminal Minds" available to watch as well. In essence, it's the most complete version of the franchise on any current streaming service.