Star Wars: Dexter Jettster Is Getting His Own Short Story

For only having two minutes of screentime in "Attack of the Clones," Dexter Jettster (Ron Falk) has made a big impact on "Star Wars" fandom, just not always in the best way. Following his cinematic appearance, many fans have wondered how exactly Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) became friends with a guy who owns a space diner. And going even further, how could Dexter's diner look just like a 1950s-era American diner? Dexter has appeared in other forms of "Star Wars" media to fill in some blanks, and now, his backstory's going even further thanks to an upcoming short story.

On August 1, the Star Wars Books Twitter account detailed a collection of short stories set in a galaxy far, far away. "From a Certain Point of View" gathers 40 short stories from 40 different writers focused on different aspects of the franchise to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the release of "Return of the Jedi." The 37th story, titled "The Veteran," follows Dexter Jettster. The synopsis reads, "Dexter Jettster thought of the boy he had met on Lenahra and all that the boy would never see. He thought of the warrior the boy had become and the war that had been lost. The war Dexter Jettster had helped start."

"The boy" referenced in the passage likely refers to Obi-Wan, and the story should see Dexter reflect on how he had a hand in starting the Clone Wars. 

Justice for Dexter Jettster

Dexter Jettster holds an interesting place in "Star Wars" lore. He's clearly important to Obi-Wan, despite never being referenced in live-action again. And the diner scene is an intriguing set piece for Obi-Wan, as "Attack of the Clones" turns into a classic noir story at that point. Obi-Wan needs information about a poisoned dart that the Jedi archives can't help him with. But Dexter identifies it as being from Kamino immediately. Who knows what else he could've helped Obi-Wan with, as he's knowledgeable about even obscure aspects of the galaxy, including beyond the Outer Rim.

It sounds like "The Veteran" will see Dexter reflecting on how he told Obi-Wan to go to Kamino, where the cloners are. In a way, he guided Obi-Wan exactly where he needed to go to recruit the clones, who would later turn on the Jedi during Order 66. There's undoubtedly some regret that goes along with it, and the story may turn Dexter into a more well-rounded character fans have a bit more respect for. 

However, fleshing out Dexter Jettster isn't the only thing that'll happen with "From a Certain Point of View." Another story called "The Steadfast Soldier" follows Enric Pryde, who's on Endor during the fall of the Empire. He might be the one who retrieved Darth Vader's helmet and ultimately gave it to Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), who possesses it during the sequel trilogy. With these stories and more, "Star Wars" fans will want to pick up "From a Certain Point of View" when it comes out on August 29.