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Fire Force Season 3 Rumors May Explain The Delay - But Fans Aren't Having It

Fans' patience for Season 3 of "Fire Force" is burning lower than ever. The supernatural dystopian anime is one of the most popular shōnen series out there, thanks to its sprawling narrative, engaging characters, and intense flame-fueled fights. It has been nearly three years since "Fire Force" Season 2 left things off with Shinra Kusakabe and his allies gearing up for a full-fledged war against the Evangelist. That's quite the cliffhanger, and fans have been waiting ever since for the payoff. Season 3 was finally announced midway through 2022, but updates have been sparse, and there's still no release date in sight.

The prevailing theory online for why "Fire Force" is taking so long to return is that it potentially had to switch animation studios. While David Production oversaw the first two seasons, the studio's commitment to other anime like "Undead Unlock" has led fans to speculate that the studio is no longer working on "Fire Force." In May 2023, Season 3 was confirmed to have entered full production, but the studio was still unconfirmed. Notable leaker @shueishaleaks wrote in a now-deleted tweet that Studio Shaft, which assisted with the first two seasons, was now spearheading production.

Whatever the reason for the delay, however, some fans of "Fire Force" are absolutely fed up with waiting. "I need season 3 of Fire Force right now I physically cannot wait any longer," @bobertWignard tweeted. They're far from the only one.

Fans are tired of waiting for more Fire Force

Amid the prolonged wait for Season 3 of "Fire Force," fans have taken to various social media platforms to vocalize their desperation for the show to return. "I need 'Fire Force' Season 3 like I need air in my lungs I'm literally begging for it," @fempunk tweeted. Others shared similar sentiments like u/3sperr, who wrote: "Like bro, I've been watching ongoing since like 2020. I've been waiting for SO LONGGG. I love this anime sm, but where in the world is s3???"

The wait has become so long that some viewers who only watch the "Fire Force" anime like u/impostor_credentials are considering reading the manga just to see how the story plays out. While there are some major differences between the "Fire Force" anime and manga, the general trajectory of the narrative has been the same. "I don't believe 'Fire Force' will be fully adapted in this decade," u/kierowca_ubera suggested. "There will be a season 4. Or 5 even. Go read the manga, it's great."

No release window has yet been announced for "Fire Force" Season 3, but time is quickly running out for it to be released in 2023. As such, many fans are now pinning their expectations on 2024 as the year the beloved anime will finally return.