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Power Rangers Go To School In Exclusive Ranger Academy Series Preview Art

Contains spoilers for "Ranger Academy" #1 by BOOM! Studios

BOOM! Studios and the "Power Rangers" franchise are about to ask a magical question many viewers and readers have only dreamed about: Would you join the Power Rangers if given a chance? The new "Ranger Academy" ongoing series by Maria Ingrande Mora ("The Immeasurable Depth of You"), artist Jo Mi-Gyeong ("The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance"), and colorist Fabiana Mascolo ("Alice Ever After") will showcase a group of students who are offered a spot in Ranger Academy, showcasing a whole new side of the Power Rangers Universe.

The comic book, which BOOM! previewed as one of its 2023 Free Comic Book Day offerings, follows 13-year-old Sage, who will make the transition from life on a farm in a remote lunar colony to training to become a Power Ranger. The first issue features the teen coming across mysterious wreckage and survivors who have trained to become Power Rangers. Over the course of the series, readers will visit the school the Power Rangers attend through the eyes of a handful of new students. For fans who have long wondered how someone could train to become a Power Ranger, you're about to get your answer.

Ranger Academy is for a new generation of Power Rangers fans

Maria Ingrande Mora tells Looper she's incredibly excited to introduce a new generation of readers to the Power Rangers and take on a bold new chapter of the iconic franchise with "Ranger Academy." She added that artist Jo Mi-Gyenong was a dream collaborator whose love for the characters shines through in each panel and page of the upcoming comic.

Mi-Gyeong echoes Mora's excitement, saying she hopes everyone will fall in love with the characters as much as she did. "Creating the details of this new world for Ranger Academy was a lot of fun for me. If there was anything more enjoyable than that, it would have been to portray the characters' rich sensibilities and expressions of emotions."

Check out Mi-Gyong's design variant cover for issue #1 below.

In a comparison that should excite "Power Rangers" readers, series editor Dafna Pleban describes "Ranger Academy" as what you get when the classic franchise meets "My Hero Academia." According to Pleban, the series is full of "Teenage angst, romance, super powers, and high action adventure! It's my new favorite Power Rangers series, hands down."

Ranger Academy shows off a new side of the Power Rangers Universe

The following exclusive preview pages for "Ranger Academy" #1 showcase Sage learning about the academy while she's understandably amazed at what she sees. Can you imagine being isolated from the world and then seeing the special training academy of the Power Rangers? Sage's reaction really says it all.

Artist Miguel Mercado draws the main cover for the series, with variants from Jo Mi-Gyeong and Ejikure also available for "Ranger Academy" #1. Check out Ejikure and Meracdo's covers below, along with the official synopsis for issue #1!

"13-year-old Sage lives on an isolated lunar colony with her adoptive father, but her days on the farm will change forever when she comes across a wreckage with wounded passengers, people from an academy training to be something called... POWER RANGERS. For the first time, discover the amazing school where Rangers are made!"

Class officially begins for Sage and the new students of Ranger Academy when "Ranger Academy" from BOOM! Studios and Hasbro #1 will arrive in comic book stores and online retailers on October 4, 2023.