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What Happened To Grant Imahara - A Mythbusters Tragedy Explained

While oil-and-water co-hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman took top billing on Discovery's smash hit science show "Mythbusters," three very likable supporting cast members were essential to the show's enduring popularity during its 15-season run. Kari Byron, Tori Belleci, and Grant Imahara did much of the building and on-camera explaining and offered a pleasant collegiality that contrasted wonderfully with Jamie and Adam's obviously limited tolerance for one another.

Imahara brought to the show a background in both robotics and film production, having previously worked in the "Terminator," Star Wars," and "Jurassic Park" film franchises. After "Mythbusters," Imahara, Byron, and Belleci moved on to Netflix to host another science series together called "The White Rabbit Project," which broadcast its only season in 2016. 

But in 2020, Imahara died after suffering a brain aneurysm. Byron tweeted a photo of herself, Imahara, and Belleci with the caption "Somedays I wish I had a time machine." Meanwhile, Save Savage issued a longer statement on Twitter paying tribute to Imahara that read in part, "I'm at a loss. Grant was a truly brilliant engineer, artist and performer, but also just such a generous, easygoing, and gentle PERSON. Working with Grant was so much fun. I'll miss my friend." 

Grant Imahara added several acting credits to his long special effects resume

A post appeared in tribute to Grant Imahara on the Mythbusters Facebook page on July 14, 2020, that read, "We are heartbroken to hear this sad news about Grant. He was an important part of our Discovery family and a really wonderful man. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family."

Imahara was born in 1970 in Los Angeles and attended the University of Southern California, where he studied electrical engineering, although he also thought about going into screenwriting. He was able to indulge his Hollywood dreams when he landed a job at Lucasfilm and would eventually go on to become an operator for R2D2 in the "Star Wars" prequels. Imahara built a championship-winning robot for the Comedy Central combat show "BattleBots," and brought that ingenious creativity to the "Mythbusters" build team, along with his infectious smile. 

While he never realized his goal of becoming a screenwriter, Imahara did go on to play Sulu on "Star Trek: Continues," which aired from 2013 until 2017. He also made guest appearances on "Star Trek Renegades" and "Drunk History" and played a Secret Service agent in "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No."