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Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc Anime - Where You Can Stream The New Season

"Tokyo Revengers" is coming back for yet another round of action-packed drama as Takemichi Hanagaki continues to take on the vicious gang conflicts of his teenage past. After two seasons roughly covering the first three major arcs of the original manga, Season 3 of "Tokyo Revengers" is finally on the horizon. The new season, which is due to begin premiering episodes in the second half of 2023, is set to cover the fourth and penultimate "Tenjiku" arc from the original story. As such, fans who have been following along won't want to miss the new season — but they may not know where exactly to stream it when it releases.

Contrary to the release of many popular anime in America, Season 3 of "Tokyo Revengers" will not be on Crunchyroll, Funimation, HIDIVE, or any other anime-centric streaming service. Instead, Deadline has confirmed that Disney has licensed the third season of the series. While that means the show will be released in various western territories as part of Disney+, Disney notably diverts most of its anime content in America to Hulu, as it did with "Tokyo Revengers" Season 2. As such, fans should expect to need a Hulu subscription to access the new episodes when they release.

Previous seasons of Tokyo Revengers are broken up among streaming services

For those wanting to rewatch or catch up on previous seasons of "Tokyo Revengers" before Season 3, doing so is rather complicated as they unfortunately can't all be streamed on one singular platform. Viewers will need access to at least two separate streaming services to watch the first two seasons.

Season 1 of "Tokyo Revengers" is a bit easier to get. It's on Crunchyroll, which has it streaming in both English subtitled and English dubbed formats. However, the first season of the anime is also available on Max, as part of the service's curated selection of anime content. Season 2, on the other hand, is on just one streaming service: Hulu. That means a Hulu subscription is required to stream not just Season 3, but Season 2 as well, making it absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to watch past the initial installment.

To date, "Tokyo Revengers" has not been made available for digital purchase on storefronts like Amazon Prime Video or the iTunes stores. As such, the only way to watch the full series is to get a subscription to either Crunchyroll or Max, and then a subscription to Hulu.