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One Ghost Adventures Location Was So Traumatic Zak Bagans Vowed To Never Return

Ghost-hunting shows have popped up all over the television scene within the past few decades, though they're not all small screen hits. In fact, only a handful have managed to stick around the TV scene and develop strong fan followings. One of these titles is "Ghost Adventures," which sees host Zak Bagans and his team of paranormal investigators travel to some of the most supposedly haunted sites out there with hopes of collecting irrefutable proof that ghosts are indeed real and trying to interact with those among the living.

Since the series began, Bagans and his crew have visited numerous allegedly haunted locations, though only one of them left him so traumatized that he refuses to ever go back. "I went from a boy to a man, in terms of the paranormal world, at Bobby Mackey's Music World, where I had an exorcism performed on me," Bagans shared during an interview with Collider, admitting that the experience of being exercised by real priests and supposedly falling under some form of possession was too much for him to bear. He concluded, "I'm done with Mackey's. We're not going there ever again."

The anecdote in question pertains to Bagans' second trip to Bobby Mackey's Music World. Unsurprisingly, his first time there was no walk in the park either. According to him, the negativity even followed him home.

Bagans' experience stuck with him longer than he expected

Zak Bagans and the "Ghost Adventures" crew first visited Bobby Mackey's Music World during Season 1 of the program, specifically the episode titled "Bobby Mackey's Music World." While it was unsettling enough being there and going through a routine investigation, Bagans has since shared that things only went from bad to worse after they left the premises. "So many things were happening in my home...that were affecting me. I was seeing dark, you know, shadow figures in my bedroom, things were being thrown around my house, friends of mine were being attacked," Bagans recalled.

The "Ghost Adventures" staple went as far as likening his post-Bobby Mackey's experience to living in a "Paranormal Activity" movie. He claimed that whatever malicious entities were after himself and fellow "Ghost Adventures" star Aaron Goodwin were adept at taking the abuse to a personal level, hence why it all got under their skin so quickly. At the same time, Bagans mentions that going through places like Bobby Mackey's does have the upside of providing the team with really strong evidence to add to their collective portfolio (via Travel Channel on Facebook).

Ghosthunting isn't for the faint of heart as it is, but just know that if you plan to check out Bobby Mackey's Music World yourself, you may end up just as shaken up as Zak Bagans.