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Whatever Happened To Paper Box Pilots After Shark Tank?

Despite how many massive business ventures show up on "Shark Tank," some of the most interesting pitches are the ones that are refreshingly small-scale and niche. One such company from the series that fits this idea is Paper Box Pilots, a toy-centric venture that teenage entrepreneur Noah Cahoon pitched alongside his father Brian Cahoon to the Sharks in Season 6, Episode 4. 

Paper Box Pilots, which centered upon producing sticker kits that children could use to customize cardboard boxes into makeshift airplane props, proved to be a hit with the show's hosts. Three panelists competed for the deal, with Cahoon ultimately accepting the offer from Kevin O'Leary for $35,000 and 50 percent equity.

Cahoon may have departed "Shark Tank" with a solid financial deal inked for Paper Box Pilots and a bright future ahead for expanding, but it has been nearly an entire decade since the episode first aired. A lot can happen in that time, and, sure enough, Paper Box Pilots is one of the various "Shark Tank" companies that don't exist anymore. Here's what happened to the business.

Paper Box Pilots is out of fuel

As of 2023, Paper Box Pilots has long been shut down. While the company did benefit from the "Shark Tank" effect in the time immediately following its appearance, its official website is no longer active, and its relevant social media accounts haven't been updated for several years. The business itself officially shut its doors in late 2019, just over six years after it was initially founded in 2013. 

There's no official reason available for why exactly Paper Box Pilots closed up shop, but its termination point lines up with founder Noah Cahoon beginning his undergraduate studies at university. Based on these facts, it can be inferred that Cahoon likely moved on from Paper Box Pilots in order to focus on his academic career and other personal responsibilities.

While Paper Box Pilots may be no more, Cahoon is still active in the business scene. He currently operates as a freelance photographer, and has done so for several years. He's also not giving up on his entrepreneurial roots, as he is studying Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing in school. Cahoon credits his experience with Paper Box Pilots for his current pursuits. "I found a passion for business while running Paper Box Pilots with my dad throughout junior high and high school," his LinkedIn profile reads. "During this time we aired on ABC's 'Shark Tank,' received young entrepreneur awards, and gained impactful hands on experience in building a business from concept to profitability."