Hollywood Reacts To Alan Arkin's Tragic Death

Alan Arkin has died at the age of 89. 

The celebrated American actor died in his California home, per a statement sent to People by his children. An Oscar and Tony-winning thespian, Arkin was lauded throughout his career for his rich, nuanced, and varied performances, which made him a once-in-a-generation talent. The actor first rose to prominence on Broadway, where he nabbed a Tony for headlining Joseph Stein's "Enter Laughing." After becoming established as an actor, Arkin also lent his talents to directing several productions.

It wasn't until 1966's "The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming" that the actor became a household name. With an Oscar nod under his belt, Arkin became one of Tinseltown's most sought-after performers. It was only later in life that he won his Academy Award, receiving a Best Supporting Actor trophy for his stint in "Little Miss Sunshine," widely considered to be a career-defining performance. Following his 2006 win for the indie drama, Arkin's career received a major career resurgence, with the actor joining box office hits like "Marley & Me" and "Argo," as well as Netflix's fan-favorite series "The Kominsky Method."

With a storied career that spanned decades, Arkin had become a fixture on both the big and small screen. Thanks to his charming personality and flexibility as an actor, he became a favorite for many. In the wake of his death, several of his admirers, collaborators, and co-stars have come out to pay tribute to Arkin. Several of Hollywood's most notable stars, like "Get Out" actor Bradley Whitford, couldn't help but point out just how varied Alan Arkin's filmography was when it came to genres. "No greater comic actor," Whitford wrote of Arkin on Twitter, quote tweeting a clip from "Little Miss Sunshine." "No greater dramatic actor. Not a coincidence."

Michael Douglas, Jason Alexander, and more pay tribute to Alan Arkin

"Today we lost a wonderful actor whose intelligence, sense of comedy and consummate professionalism over the past 70 years has left an indelible mark on our industry," wrote his "Kominsky Method" co-star Michael Douglas in a heartfelt Instagram post. "My experience of working with Alan were some of my most memorable. He will be deeply missed." 

Actors from all across the cinematic spectrum, including comedic legend Billy Crystal, came out to praise Arkin's hysterical sensibilities. "Hilarious, heartbreaking, and the ability to be terrifying, his range was amazing," wrote the "When Harry Met Sally" actor on Twitter. "I cherish the chance I had to act with him in #America's Sweethearts." "Seinfeld" star Jason Alexander also took to Twitter to praise the late actor. "Such a wonderful, original voice for comedy," he shared. "And on the few occasions I was in his presence, a kind and generous soul. I learned so much from watching him. And the laughs I got from his glorious work seem endless..."

Arkin also received love from "Twin Peaks" co-creator Mark Frost on the social media site, who described the actor as a "great and remarkable man in every way that matters." "Doctor Strange" writer C. Robert Cargill also took to Twitter to gush about Arkin, imploring his fans to watch "Indian Summer," which features the actor as "a wizened old camp counselor." John Cusack, who starred alongside Arkin in the iconic hitman rom-com "Grosse Point Blank," shared a lengthy post on social media about how the late actor elevated the final product by rewriting a key scene. The list doesn't end there, as actors like Sheryl Lee Ralph, Patton Oswalt, and more came out to pay tribute to the iconic thespian. 

May Arkin rest in peace.