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Join Us For A Bite: This FNAF Earworm Sank In Its Teeth In 2016 And Won't Let Go

It's one thing for a video game to become a hit. It's another thing entirely for a franchise to take on a life of its own within its fanbase to the point where people make memes, fan art, and even original songs to celebrate the story. 

That's been the case for "Five Nights at Freddy's" pretty much from the moment it hit the scene in 2014. Sequels and spin-offs soon followed, so gamers were never short on terrifying excursions into Freddy Fazbear's lair. Online forums and subreddits have also populated with people showing their appreciation of the franchise, but one of the biggest hits from the fanbase is the catchy song "Join Us for a Bite" from 2016. 

The track comes courtesy of JT Music with vocals from Andrea Storm Kaden. It's sung from the perspective of the animatronics. While the instrumental sounds sweet and bubbly, the lyrics hide sinister machinations like "You know our show is so far from over / And Freddy told us you're an organ donor." It's a perfect encapsulation of the games because, on the surface, the animatronics seem cute and friendly. However, after midnight, they turn into something horrifying. Despite coming out in 2016, the song has had true staying power, and with the impending release of the "Five Nights at Freddy's" movie on October 27, it's likely only going to grow more prominent.

Join Us for a Bite is now a hit on TikTok

Given the song's popularity, it's a bit surprising a version wasn't used in the teaser trailer, but the 1980s hit it did use was certainly appropriate. The song has had an incredible shelf life, with numerous other YouTubers using it for their own content. YouTuber EnchantedMob made a music video for the song, creating "Five Nights at Freddy's" characters acting out the lyrics in "Minecraft." It's racked up 135 million views, and that's only the beginning. LInk02 made a reaction video of various YouTubers listening to "Join Us for a Bite."

Now, the song has made its way to TikTok. A simple search will reveal a ton of videos of people posting their dances set to the music. Others contain animations, either derived from anime or original creations. One of the most popular iterations of the song to emerge on the platform comes from a skit by @.theanimemen. Someone plays "Join Us for a Bite" in the car, and his friends make fun of him. But it doesn't take long for them to dance along to the viral hit. Numerous other examples have populated the platform, and with the ensuing release of the movie, more are bound to come in the following months.

It's the perfect song for "Five Nights at Freddy's." It has an infectious energy like the games where as soon as you finish, you want to start it over again. And much like how "Freddy's" has inspired so many fan-made videos and artworks, "Join Us for a Bite" has influenced dances and music videos of its own. Hopefully, Blumhouse will take notice and include the song in the film's end credits. It'd be the perfect way to reward fans of the franchise.