The Steamy Spanish Drama You Can Stream On Netflix

You know a company's made it when its name becomes short-hand slang. People don't say, "Look it up online;" they say, "Just Google it." And when someone says "Netflix and chill," we all know what they really mean.

Of course, a proper Netflix and chill session requires the right movie to set the mood. It'd be a little awkward to make a move while "Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" is playing. You need something spicy on the TV, and fortunately, Netflix has no shortage of romantic movies to choose from, including 2017's "Amar," also known as "Amar: With You Until the End of the World."

Things get hot and heavy in the flick as Laura (María Pedraza) and Carlos (Pol Monen) try to find themselves physically and spiritually as they navigate young adulthood. A passionate romance soon develops, but the question is whether they can mature to keep it going.

Amar has passion while still being a good story

Plenty of romantic movies have titillating scenes, but they can be a real bore to get through. You and your partner may take a nap before getting to anything good. However, many critics agree that 2017's "Amar" doesn't fit that category. It's undoubtedly sensual, but the characters are developed well enough to where you can watch the movie without getting bored. 

Q.V. Hough from Vague Visages wrote highly of "Amar," stating how the opening shows how tactfully the movie handles its subject matter, "There's a 10-minute, sex-themed introduction with no nudity, and the main characters don't philosophize about the meaning of love. Amar is passionate without being pretentious." The characters aren't merely objects on a screen; they have desires and insecurities, which are thoroughly explored as the romance grows more mature, where the question becomes whether their love can survive external pressures. 

"Amar" extends beyond simply "Netflix and chill" fare. You may actually find yourself captivated by the story's nuances or the cinematography choices that offer a glimpse into the characters' inner turmoil.