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Who Did Eliana Ghen Play In Cobra Kai?

"Cobra Kai" has showcased a host of talented actors in various roles over the years. However, some performers in the Netflix series leave a more lasting impression than others. Eliana Ghen is one such talented actress, having contributed her abilities to the "Karate Kid" spin-off. For some fans, though, it might not be immediately clear what character she played in the series.

In "Cobra Kai" Season 5, Episode 3, aptly titled "Playing with Fire," Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) finds out he might be having a baby with Carmen Diaz (Vanessa Rubio). While Johnny isn't afraid to get in a karate fight, being a dad is something he is absolutely not prepared to endure. Like any good warrior preparing for a new challenge, he goes on a quest for answers and ends up on a website called "Parents4U," where he finds a video titled "10 Ways to Make Sure You Are Prepared for Your Child." Once the video starts, motivating music begins to play in the background, and viewers are shown a montage of Johnny preparing for his new child, from cradling a six-pack like a baby to clearing out unhealthy foods and removing negative influences from his environment. His sensei in this tutorial is a woman named Tiffany, played by Eliana Ghen.

There is no denying that Ghen's performance as a baby expert was pretty convincing, and it really shouldn't come as a surprise given what the actress has accomplished so far.

Playing Tiffany in Cobra Kai is far from Eliana Ghen's only claim to fame

Eliana Ghen's stint as Tiffany in "Cobra Kai" is but one instance of her contributions to a critically acclaimed show that has drawn several accolades and a sizable audience. In fact, Ghen has been steadily building her reputation as an actress since 2012. One of her over 20 credits includes playing the part of Jeanie in the Hulu series "The Girl From Plainville," which has impressive ratings on the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes. Another notable project the actress has been a part of is also one of Hulu's finest, the award-winning miniseries "Dopesick." In addition, she has appeared in shows such as "The Resident," "Ordinary Joe," "Insatiable," and "Maid to Order."

However, Ghen's talents aren't restricted to small-screen projects. As far as her film work goes, the 2019 comedic take on "A Christmas Carol," the modern telling of "Rapunzel: A Princess Frozen in Time," the mystery-thriller "Todd," and the Jeff Bezos biopic appropriately titled "Bezos," are some of the additional highlights making up her ever-expanding resume. She also wrote, directed, and starred in the short film "Bridesmaid Tale," proving her skills extend beyond the craft of acting. While she'll ultimately be remembered for many of her memorable roles, "Cobra Kai" fans will enjoy Ghen's attempt at teaching Johnny Lawrence the ancient skills of parenthood as Tiffany every time they revisit the popular Netflix series.