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Extraction 2 Gives Marvel's Legendary Corridor Fight Scenes A Run For Their Money

This article contains spoilers for "Extraction 2"

The hallway fight scene is a classic action sequence that can be challenging to get right but yields truly magnificent results whenever the stars align. The Defenders Saga's (and now the Marvel Cinematic Universe's) Matt "Daredevil" Murdock (Charlie Cox) is legendary for his "Oldboy"-style corridor grapples, and other MCU characters have proven their prowess in passageway-themed punch-ups over the years, as well.

Now, Netflix's "Extraction 2" throws its hat in the ring by including a whole bunch of hallway battle action in its most notorious action scene. The 21-minute prison escape one-shot begins with not one but two visceral corridor fights, then expands into a huge but still tightly contained courtyard battle, moves smoothly into a car chase, and after that becomes a completely new fight scene aboard a train — this time with elements of both hallway closed-quarters combat and huge train-top battles that involve helicopters. It's a whole bunch of action in one sprawling package, and with it, Chris Hemsworth's Tyler Rake shows that his sheer brutality and combat skills can challenge even the most impressive hallway fighters in the MCU.

Extraction 2 gives multiple hallway fights in one scene, with a bunch of extra action thrown in

Essentially, "Extraction 2" starts where your standard hallway fight is content to set an entire scene in — with a huge battle against multiple opponents. After that, it gives us a brutal miniboss battle against the ruthless Davit Radiani (Tornike Bziava), before ever-so-slightly expanding the space with an all-out riot battle in a prison courtyard. After that, the movie brings cars, trains, and choppers in the mix, with every second filled with so much action that the viewer doesn't dare to blink for fear of missing the next awesome move. Granted, technically just some of the oner's sequences qualify as hallway fights — but even then, any one of them can easily give the Defenders Saga and the MCU corridor fights a run for their money, and they're such a seamless part of the 21-minute scene that it's impossible to separate them from the whole. 

Of course, there are certain big-budget, CGI-heavy MCU takes on the hallway battle theme that approach the subject in such a different way that direct comparison with "Extraction 2" is borderline impossible — the impeccably choreographed "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" hallway fight sequence, for one. Still, even that scene is comparatively short and focuses on showcasing the titular team's awesomeness, which pales in comparison to the gritty, life-threatening gamut Tyler Rake has to run through in the "Expansion 2" one-shot.

Also, there's a bit where the hero punches people while his fist is on fire. Pretty hard to top that.