Gorr The God Butcher's Powers Could Still Threaten The MCU - Here's How

There's no question that Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) has some of the most terrifying powers in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, having inherited a host of sinister godslaying abilities from the legendary Necrosword.

On top of the fact that the Necrosword itself can match the combined power of Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), wielding the Necrosword also allows Gorr to create and control a wide assortment of shadow monsters throughout "Thor: Love and Thunder." What's more, the sword even gives Gorr the power of interdimensional travel through shadows. Although the sword is seemingly destroyed in the film's climax (releasing Gorr from its corruption), Marvel Comics fans ought to know that many of these spine-chilling powers could continue to haunt the MCU for years to come.

Within Marvel Comics, the Necrosword is actually a symbiote named the All-Black, which was forged from the shadow of an eldritch god and the severed head of a celestial (incidentally, the same celestial head that forms Knowhere in "Guardians of the Galaxy"). Although the MCU's Necrosword appears to be nothing more than an ancient relic, if the franchise retcons its origin to make it a symbiote, then its "disintegration" at the end of "Thor: Love and Thunder" might not be the end for the infamous weapon. Instead, this scene could actually show the symbiote abandoning its host in the face of certain demise, and perhaps the sword is simply biding its time to wait for another host.

The Necrosword could be a symbiote, pretending to be destroyed

During the climactic final battle of "Thor: Love and Thunder," a lightning bolt from Jane Foster caused the Necrosword to disintegrate into a black powder; though if the sword turns out to be a symbiote, some or all of that black powder might actually still be alive and waiting to regenerate.

Within the film, it's stated that the Necrosword is a relic from "the dawn of time" that was created solely to destroy the gods, but we're given no clarification on who or what created this sword — nor of what it's actually made out of. Not only is it possible for the Necrosword to be reworked into a symbiote by later MCU projects, but we've already seen the MCU's version of the sword abandon its original host when threatened, leaving the mysterious Shadow Lord in the film's opening minutes to bond itself to Gorr.

Although its admittedly unlikely that this sword is actually a regenerative symbiote, it's worth noting that the MCU has already started to introduced symbiotes into the franchise — with Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) leaving a piece of his Venom symbiote behind during an after credits sequence from "Spider-Man: No Way Home." As of right now the Necrosword remains a non-factor in the MCU after "Thor: Love and Thunder," though the sword's comic book origins leaves plenty of room for another host to wield the weapon in the future.