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Who Wrote The Music For A Beautiful Life - And Why It Makes The Movie Unique

A new Netflix movie shows just how far people can go with hard work, talent, and a little bit of luck. "A Beautiful Life" debuted on the platform on June 1, telling the story of a young fisherman named Elliott (Christopher), who gets the opportunity of a lifetime when his musical talent is discovered by music manager Suzanne (Christine Albeck Børge). She pairs him up with her estranged daughter, Lily (Inga Ibsdotter Lilleaas), with romance soon blossoming.

Original romance movies on Netflix have seen a good deal of success, and "A Beautiful Life" manages to separate itself from others in the genre thanks to its impeccable soundtrack. The songs used throughout the film help separate it from similar properties, and the reason they may feel different is that Christopher, a Danish composer, developed the songs he performed himself. 

In an interview with Survived the Shows, Sebastian Jessen, who plays Oliver in the film, stated, "I mean, the biggest thing is the music and the songs. I mean, the music is amazing, the songs are amazing, and our lead, Christopher, you know, he's composed all the music himself, written all the lyrics. So it's such a personal movie, and I feel that shines through, really the investment Christopher has made in this movie is incredible, and that sets this apart, I guess."

The music of A Beautiful Life elevates the story

The soundtrack for "A Beautiful Life," featuring nine original songs from Christopher, is available to listen to in its entirety on Spotify and other music streaming platforms. So if you want to relive the movie's magic without cueing up Netflix again, you can always tune into the songs while you work or drive. The fact Christopher came up with the songs himself makes the film all the more personable and makes it abundantly clear he understands this character inside and out.

Many critics took note of the movie's music, and it's obvious it was a highlight of the experience. Amanda Guarragi of Ready Steady Cut wrote pretty positively of the film as a whole but had this to say of the songs, "Elliott has a wonderful voice and the dedication to his craft is inspiring. His soul comes through the songs he sings and it's an enjoyable movie because of it." Juan Pablo Russo of EscribiendoCine also drew attention to the soundtrack: "Despite some small setbacks, A Wonderful Life captures the essence of dreams and the struggle to realize them while providing us with an unforgettable soundtrack that becomes a fundamental pillar of the story."

Both film and music have the power to transport people to other states of being. They can profoundly impact people's lives, so the fact "A Beautiful Life" has merged the two so spectacularly is certainly something to be admired.