Marvel Legends Exclusive Reveal: Venom: Space Knight And Mania Two-Pack

Marvel Legends is expanding its offerings of symbiotes with new six-inch action figures coming out featuring Andi Benton's Mania and Flash Thompson's Venom Space Knight.

Hasbro and Marvel Legends have been firing on all cylinders in recent months, revealing several new figures across different lines. From the recent Squadron Supreme box sets with the likes of Hyperion, Doctor Spectrum, Blur, and Nighthawk to deluxe figures including Joe Fixit, Gladiator Hulk, and Cyborg Spider-Woman from "Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse," and recent X-Men 60th Anniversary reveals showcasing packs featuring the likes of Jubilee, Storm, and Gambit all getting retro figures, the toy line has made sure to hit many different corners of the Marvel Universe. 

Looper can exclusively reveal a new two-pack from Hasbro and Marvel Legends with two fan-favorite symbiotes, Venom from "Venom: Space Knight" and Mania, coming soon. The release will come with Flash Thompson and Andi Benton's symbiote forms and three accessories to make Venom an even more terrifying creature.

Who are Venom: Space Knight and Mania?

Agent Venom, who first debuted in the role in "The Amazing Spider-Man" #654 by Fred Van Lente, Stefano Caselli, Marte Gracia, and Joe Caramagna, is the codename for Eugene "Flash" Thomspon, the former bully turned friend of Peter Parker. After high school, Flash joined the United States Army, serving overseas during the Iraq War. However, Thompson suffered serious injuries during a shooting, heroically putting himself in the line of fire to protect his fellow soldiers. 

As a result of his injuries, Flash had both his leg amputated and had difficulties continuing his normal life after the traumatic experience. He then became the newest version of Venom after signing up for Project Rebirth 2.0, where he was bonded with the Venom symbiote to become a super-soldier for the U.S. military. Flash's legs grew back when in his Venom form, affording him the chance to walk again. 

Agent Venom would play a role on multiple superteams, including the Secret Avengers, Thunderbolts, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. "Venom: Space Knight" saw the hero become an Agent of the Cosmos and a key protector of the universe, where he got an all-new look.

Andi Benton becoming the symbiote Mania directly resulted from Agent Venom's actions. After high school student Andi Benton was attacked by Jack O'Lantern and watched her father die at the hands of the villain, Flash used part of his symbiote to keep her alive. In the process, Benton became Mania, and the demonic Hell-Mark was passed on to the teen hero as it possessed her. Benton would later become the symbiote Scream, which is her current role in the Marvel Universe.

What comes in the new Marvel Legends Two-Pack

Venom: Space Knight's action figure is based on the look the hero wore during his "Venom: Space Knight" run by Robbie Thompson, Ariel Olivetti, and VC's Cory Petit, and Flash's "Space Knight" appearance was designed by Valerio Schiti. The hero wore the symbiote costume during his time away from Earth. 

The new Agent Venom figure features three comic-inspired accessories: two symbiote blades that can be attached to each arm and a swappable head featuring his frightening teeth. Additionally, the Guardians of the Galaxy logo he wore during that time can be seen on his shoulder.

Considering Flash Thompson helped give Andi Benton her symbiote to become Mania, it's more than appropriate to see the character as the other figure available in the two-pack. 

Here's the official text preview for the two-pack, plus information on its purchase date:

"To protect high school student Andi Benton, Flash Thompson accidentally bonds his symbiote to her, only learning later that the Venom symbiote had passed on his demonic Hell-Mark to her. Celebrate the Marvel universe with this Marvel Legends Series Venom Space Knight and Marvel's Mania figure set. These quality 6-inch scale Venom Space Knight and Marvel's Mania figures feature deco inspired by the characters' appearances in Marvel's Venom: Space Knight comics! Includes 2 figures and 3 comics-inspired accessories including an alternate head for the Venom figure."

The Marvel Legends Series Venom Space Knight/Marvel's Mania two-pack will be priced at $55.99 USD and available in Fall 2023. The items are available for pre-order on 6/22 at 1 PM ET. This two-pack is a Target exclusive.