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Law & Order Just Got A Criminal Intent Spin-Off In An Unlikely City

For decades, the "Law & Order" franchise has dominated the small screen scene, becoming a standout favorite among fans of the crime procedural genre. Naturally, to keep up with the demand of its ever-expanding and incredibly devoted fanbase, creator Dick Wolf and his team have put out spin-off after spin-off — largely to great success. With the legal drama that started it all approaching 33 years since its premiere, another sequel is on the way to take the "Law & Order" saga in a new direction.

The Hollywood Reporter shared on June 5 that a new "Law & Order" off-shoot series is coming to fruition, with this one emanating from a rather unlikely location. Citytv and Universal Television are working together on a local franchise installment titled "Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent." Lark Productions and Amy Cameron's Cameron Pictures will take on producing duties, with production slated to begin this fall after development on the drama began last year. Universal Television will bring the series to non-Canadian viewers.

Thankfuly, we don't have to wait to see it to know what "Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent" will be all about.

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent seems like it will deliver the goods for franchise fans

While the exact details of "Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent" haven't made it to the public yet, we do have a vague idea of what the series will entail. By the sound of it, it seems like it will deliver the kind of stuff "Law & Order" fans have come to love in previous franchise entries. THR explains that the program follows a skilled squad of Toronto detectives as they root out crime and corruption in the aforementioned city. Fans can expect 10 episodes to start, though it's unknown if more installments are planned for the future. The cast also has yet to be announced.

"The timeless appeal of the cases explored in the globally successful 'Law & Order' franchise continue to draw in Citytv audiences week after week," said Hayden Mindell of Rogers Sports & Media in a statement. Amy Cameron also put out a statement on the upcoming show, expressing excitement to work with Lark Productions and Citytv on the project and shine a spotlight on the city of Toronto.

"Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent" aims to premiere sometime in spring 2024.