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Where To Watch American Chopper

Motorcycle manufacturing reality series "American Chopper" was primarily known for two things over the course of its tumultuous TV run: extravagant bikes and frequent arguments between boss Paul Teutul Sr. and his son Paul Teutul Jr. In fact, even those with no knowledge of the show might still recognize one of the most explosive arguments in "American Chopper" history now that it's been immortalized in a widely-circulated meme.

Originally, "American Chopper" aired on Discovery before transitioning to TLC for its final two seasons. Sequel series "Senior vs. Junior" premiered on TLC, then jumped back to Discovery where two revival seasons subsequently aired in 2018 and 2019.

Currently, all 12 seasons of the combined "American Chopper" and "Senior vs. Junior" run are available on the newly rechristened Max, which is home to what used to be the Discovery Plus streaming catalog. However, while Max might be the platform on which "American Chopper" can be most easily accessed for the majority of viewers, the show is available through a multitude of additional services as well, allowing those uninterested in a Max subscription to still stream "American Chopper" with relative ease.

American Chopper is widely available online

Subscribers to a traditional TV service, in addition to perhaps finding "American Chopper" reruns on the Discovery Channel, can use their login to watch episodes of the series on-demand through the official Discovery website at no extra cost. Meanwhile, FuboTV and Philo — both of which are effectively online alternatives to a traditional TV subscription — offer "American Chopper" in full to their subscribers. Costs for these services are high, however, making them unideal for someone simply interested in watching "American Chopper" absent an existing subscription.

Without the need for any sort of subscription-based service, meanwhile, episodes of "American Chopper" can be purchased individually or by season through a number of digital storefronts. Apple and Amazon currently appear to be the only services with all 12 "American Chopper" seasons, with YouTube, Vudu, and other alternatives limiting their offerings to just a few seasons each.

The only type of service without "American Chopper" episodes, then, is the increasingly popular free streaming site, like Pluto or Tubi. Those aside, the numerous options that are available mean that the series is readily accessible with just a few clicks if it's not already available through an existing subscription.