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Ways Better Call Saul Could Connect To Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul is set six years before Saul Goodman (Jimmy McGill) ever meets Walter White, and while that seems like quite a gap between the two stories, elements from Breaking Bad are already hitting this prequel series. Spoiler alert! Both Tuco and Hector Salamanca are around and have made trouble for both Jimmy and Mike Ehrmantraut. We've also witnessed the origin story of Saul's pinky ring, as well as his Kevin Costner scam. But the crossovers won't stop there. The shows are destined to keep intersecting before Jimmy fully embraces being Saul Goodman. Don't worry about the meth for now, because we've still got to explore the other possible ways Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad could connect.

Hank investigates the Salamancas' involvement with the Juarez Cartel

While Hank's takedown of Tuco Salamanca in season two of Breaking Bad was admittedly the result of a lucky break he got while investigating Jesse Pinkman, there's no doubt that as a veteran DEA agent, he's heard of Tuco before. With Tuco already being jammed up by the law on Better Call Saul, there's no reason to think he wouldn't pop up on the DEA's radar. It would be a perfectly organic way to introduce Hank into the series, if only for a cameo where he gets briefed on how Tuco's minor scuffle with Mike won't help link him to the cartel or something like that. We just want series creator Vince Gilligan to somehow work in Hank popping open a frosty bottle of Schraderbrau.

One of the law firms represents Marie Schrader for shoplifting

Marie Schrader has a significant problem with giving herself the old five finger discount during the events of Breaking Bad. We actually see Marie get caught in the act multiple times throughout the series. With an established history of having this issue, it wouldn't be a stretch to think that Marie has had legal trouble in the past because of her affinity for stealing. Better Call Saul features not just one, but three major law firms that could easily feature Marie being a client. In fact, pitting Marie Schrader's unfiltered personality against Davis & Main's honesty-obsessed law associate Erin Brill would be a perfect comedic pairing.

Mike leaves Hector Salamanca permanently disabled

This one may be a bit of a stretch since Hector Salamanca's physical ailments on Breaking Bad have long been speculated to be the result of a stroke. Since there's never been an actual canon story to back that up, why not let Hector's physical incapacitation in Breaking Bad be the result of his feud with Mike Ehrmantraut on Better Call Saul? We've already witnessed Mike's calculated execution of the dirty cops who killed his son, and Hector has outwardly threatened both Mike's granddaughter and daughter-in-law. That clearly will not stand.

Hector Salamanca is no easy mark. Even for a badass like Mike, Hector may not go down so easy. Hector's ailments could easily be the result of a severe beating, or even better, they could be the result of a poisoning that didn't quite do the trick. That would be a ruthless way to show how far Mike is willing to go to protect his family, especially since secretly poisoning someone calls back to another character...

Mike connects with Gus Fring

At some point, Mike Ehrmantraut becomes the enforcer and right-hand man to meth kingpin, Gus Fring. Knowing what we know about the character of Gus Fring, this would require not only a superior level of professional fortitude, but also a degree of trust that, let's be honest, isn't easily earned. This translates to Mike having to do something crazy violent and/or morally compromising, while at the same time benefiting to Gus. With Gus' clear disdain for Hector Salamanca firmly established on Breaking Bad, and Better Call Saul leading to a showdown between Mike and Hector, there is a perfect opportunity there for Mike to demonstrate his value to the founder of Los Pollos Hermanos.

The only thing missing is Gus' introduction into the show which could come via introduction by Mike's shady veterinarian friend. What's most likely to happen, however, is that Jimmy finds an angle into Gus Fring's operation, setting himself up as de facto counsel and using Mike as a go-between for Gus and his underlings. With the protection of attorney-client privileges for Gus, and Jimmy's established history of having represented Mike in the past, this arrangement provides legal shelter for all parties involved as well as an opportunity to make a ton of cash. Sounds like a Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman kind of deal, right?

Jimmy learns how to launder money

Better Call Saul is already inching Jimmy McGill closer and closer to his alter ego, Saul Goodman. In fact, one of Saul's trademarks on Breaking Bad was his seemingly endless string of cheesy commercials, a penchant for which we are seeing in Better Call Saul. A few other key elements to Saul's character are his ability to conceal evidence, make connections among bad guys in the criminal underworld, and laundering money. Having already planted the seeds for the first two of those, Better Call Saul is going to eventually show Jimmy's ability to wash dirty cash through a legit business. This is where the nail salon and laser tag businesses come into play.

Before Walt and Skyler buy the A1A Car Wash, Saul tries to convince them to launder their meth profits by purchasing a laser tag arcade, an idea the Whites immediately reject. Given Vince Gilligan's love of callbacks and subtle humor, it would be funny to see Jimmy trying to get multiple people involved with laser tag, only to get shot down every time.

Make someone obsessed with breakfast

This would be a minor connection, albeit total fan service, but someone on Better Call Saul needs to start obsessively eating breakfast. Walt Jr.'s obsession with the most important meal of the day on Breaking Bad became such a recurring event that it spawned Internet memes and even became a source of tension for characters on the show. Now, we're not saying we want them to completely duplicate this accidentally magical element of Breaking Bad, but if Howard Hamlin could have a particular way he likes his eggs or if Jimmy could get angry and throw his "World's 2nd Best Lawyer" coffee thermos onto someone's roof, that would be a nod we would truly appreciate.