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Nick Fury Has Officially Been Retired In The Marvel Universe

Contains spoilers for "Fury" #1

Marvel Comics is giving the original Nick Fury the retirement he deserves. In "Fury" #1, the classic character leaves the Marvel Universe for a new adventure elsewhere while officially passing the torch to his son Nick Fury Jr.

Nick Fury debuted in "Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos" #1 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, initially leading the Howling Commandos before eventually overseeing SHIELD. When legendary writer and artist Jim Steranko took control of the character in the 1960s in "Strange Tales," he transformed his adventures into a more psychedelic story, creating one of the most influential comic books from the Silver Age. Steranko's "Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." expanded Fury's iconic tales in his own solo series. Marvel introduced a second version of Fury in the Ultimate Universe, modeled after Samuel L. Jackson, who portrays the character in the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nick Fury Jr. became the main Marvel Universe Fury and the most recognizable and widely used one in the comics.

Now, 60 years after the first Fury appeared, his closing chapter is told, tying back to his storied history while setting the stage for his story ending in the Marvel Universe. At the same time, "Fury" #1 sees his son Nick Fury Jr. take on his role as the main Fury, in a touching moment between son and father that serves as a perfect endpoint for the hero.

Nick Fury's last mission connects to his son

In "Fury" #1 by Al Ewing, Scot Eaton, Cam Smith, Tom Reilly, Adam Kubert, Ramon Rosanas, Jordie Bellaire, and VC's Joe Caramagna, the comic flashes across time, telling an interconnected story between the original Nick Fury, and his son Nick Fury Jr. After encountering a villain who is referred to as SCORPIO, who beats Fury Jr. to acquire the Zodiac Key. The powerful cosmic artifact, granting its wielding powerful energy-based abilities and teleportation, first appeared in the first issue of Nick Fury's solo series in "Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." #1. Unfortunately for Fury Jr., it's stolen by SCORPIO, leading Fury to access old files on his dad and his earliest experience with the weapon.

The comic flashes back to Nick Fury's initial encounter with SCORPIO on the moon, where The Watcher prevented his near-death at the hands of the villain wielding the Zodiac Key. Explaining that he needed to interfere in the situation to prevent humankind from learning the truth behind the Zodiac Doors, The Watcher sends Fury to Earth. A later flashback sees Fury working with the Howling Commandos. In his mission, he learns about Nazis acquiring the Zodiac Key, leading him to infiltrate a castle alongside his friend Red Hargove. However, after Hargrove is wounded getting the key, he is mysteriously teleported away following Fury and his team's escape. The story would connect to the present, as the new version of SCORPIO is revealed to be Hargrove's daughter. Fury Jr. heads to meet his father with the intel, but not before SCORPIO beats him to the punch.

Nick Fury and Nick Fury Jr. reunite on the moon

In "Fury" #1, SCORPIO arrives on the Moon and attacks Nick Fury Sr. with the Zodiac Key. Fury Sr.'s current role in the Marvel Universe is more cosmic than ever following the events of "Original Sin." After killing Uatu the Watcher, Fury was transformed into the Unseen as the Herald of the Watcher. Fury observed Earth and reported back to The Watcher, later gaining freedom on the Moon and being granted a home upon Uatu's citadel. 

Fury Sr. reveals he knows her true identity as Rebecca Hargrove, son of his former friend Red. After asking her whether she is working with Nazis, Hargrove tells the older Fury she's working with the Zero-Order Distributed International Anarchist Coalition (ZODIAC) and wants access to the Watcher's base to find the Zodiac Door on the Moon — and all the information on it across the Multiverse. But before she gets the dangerous info, Nick Fury Jr. teleports to the fight and uses a sonic weapon to take back the Zodiac Key. After her defeat, Fury takes his son inside the Watcher's citadel, sharing that there are actually 12 Zodiac Doors worldwide with multiple keys. Fury Sr. reveals he is retiring and will use the Zodiac Key and the Watcher's Door of All Worlds, the window allowing him to see "What If," to go to a world where he "can actually do some good" and find new meaning. 

Nick Fury departs, giving Nick Fury Jr. a new responsibility

In Nick Fury and Nick Fury Jr.'s last conversation before the former departs to a new world, the original Fury tells him he wants to pass the torch to his son. The two Fury's share a hug as Fury Jr. tells him to find him again on his homeworld once he finds whatever he's looking for. Fury Sr. disappears into the Door of All Worlds, serving as his official retirement from the Marvel Universe. The issue ends with Fury Jr. talking with Uatu, telling him it might be time to bring "the band back together" with threats such as ZODIAC, AIM, and WHISPER still wreaking havoc across Earth and beyond. Fury realizes, even with SHIELD disbanding in "Secret Empire," somebody has to be Nick Fury. He says it "might as well be me." 

The comic ends up being the perfect sendoff for Nick Fury Sr. By going through his history and connecting the story to his son, Nick Fury Jr., it allows one last mission for the hero before he departs for another world. Fury Jr.'s final encounter with his dad is a touching, personal transfer of power for him to officially take on the responsibilities as the main Fury in the current Marvel Universe — a role he's already been handling for some time. Fury Sr. has done it all in the Marvel Universe, making his retirement much more bittersweet. While the original Fury will likely return someday, for now, he's earned his break while his son steps in for him in his place during his absence.

"Fury #1 by Marvel Comics is in comic book stores and online retailers now.