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Yellowjackets' S2 Finale Ends In A Blaze Of Possible Treachery

This article contains spoilers for "Yellowjackets" Season 2 Episode 9 — "Storytelling"

It goes without saying that "Yellowjackets" Season 2's finale treated viewers to some shocking surprises. From the Antler Queen finally being unveiled to the death of a series mainstay, the episode came out swinging and pulled no punches. In most other shows, either of those moments would be used as the cliffhanger that sets up Season 3. "Yellowjackets," however, also threw a fire into the mix — but who set it?

The most obvious answer is Coach Ben (Steven Krueger), who returns to the camp to find Javi's (Luciano Leroux) blood-soaked remains. Ben is obviously horrified by the cannibalistic mayhem, and he's later shown in a hideout trying to light a fire with a match. At the end of the episode, the camp's cabin turns into a blazing inferno, but everyone manages to escape with their lives intact.

All of the signs point toward the coach being the culprit, but he's the obvious choice. As the Anter Queen's revelation showed, "Yellowjackets" loves an unexpected twist, so it's possible that someone else was responsible for setting fire to the cabin.

Did Lottie set the fire?

Coach Ben discovering the matches implies that he's the one who set fire to the cabin. Judging by his reaction to the cannibalistic dinner, he now thinks that the girls are evil murderers. Surely, he wanted to put a stop to them and prevent more bloodletting from taking place? Killing them would also help ensure his own survival, right?

That's one theory, but Lottie (Courtney Eaton) is another chief suspect. She spends most of the episode drifting away from the team and she's horrified at the thought of eating of Javi. Furthermore, she appears to be laughing when the rest of the group watches the cabin burn with tears in their eyes. She clearly isn't happy with her peers, but does she want them all dead?

Viewers will have to wait until "Yellowjackets" Season 3 to find out who's responsible for the arson, but the Season 2 finale has certainly raised some interesting questions.