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Gerard Butler Is A Hoo-Rah Submarine Commander In Hunter Killer Trailer

Gerard Butler made a submarine warfare action movie — you're either in or you're out.

Butler, that erstwhile King of Sparta, god of Egypt, and braver of the den of thieves is taking his modestly-budgeted B-movie stylings deep underwater in the trailer for Hunter Killer. Yank down the periscope and take a peek yourself up above.

Look, there's very little we can tell you about this movie that the trailer doesn't spool out for you in detail. Instead, how about this — we'll just ask you some questions. Do you like naval warfare? Have you read more than five Tom Clancy books? Do you have any particular qualms about special effects in your movies being slightly less than state-of-the-art? If you answered "yes", "yes", and "no, sir" to those questions, then buddy, do we have a film for you.

Based on the 2012 novel Firing Point by Don Keith & George Wallace, Hunter Killer centers on Gerard Butler's captain of the USS Omaha as he and his loyal crew work to intervene with a Russian military coup. Specifically, they set out on a controversial, risky mission to rescue the president of Russia, going where no American sub has gone before as they stage a one-sub invasion of the former Soviet state. 

In the process, the Omaha's crew forms unlikely alliances with their former Cold War rivals, working in a situation that could escalate, at any time, into a full-blown third World War. As the castmates of this trailer proclaim multiple(!) times: "Hoo-rah".

In addition to Butler, the movie stars Common, Linda Cardellini, Gary Oldman, and the late Michael Nyqvist. It is directed by Donovan Marsh, whose previous films include Avenged, Spud, and Spud 2: The Madness Continues.

Tell your dad that Hunter Killer will be out in theaters on October 26.