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How American Pie Ruined The Actors' Careers

American Pie is one of the most popular teen movies of all time, but after being thrust into the spotlight, many of the movie's stars went on to lead deeply depressing lives. Some battled drug abuse, others attended rehab, and virtually all of them starred in films that flopped. Each of these six stars certainly had a hefty helping of bad-career pie.

Natasha Lyonne

Natasha Lyonne, who played Jessica in American Pie, is a big star on Orange is the New Black now, but before she landed her latest gig she was a certified mess. Two years after the release of American Pie, she was arrested for a DUI. Two years after that incident, she was slapped with mischief, trespassing and harassment charges. Lyonne's personal drama didn't end there. As she told Entertainment Weekly, her health took a scary turn in 2005, when she was hospitalized for multiple illnesses, including hepatitis C and a collapsed lung. Her serious bout with drugs didn't help, either; in her own words, "I was definitely as good as dead, you know?"

Tara Reid

So much could be said about this American Pie alumna, but to make a long story short, she's had more than her share of tough times since the film's release. Her thin frame has always stirred rumors of an eating disorder, but her alcohol addiction proved most troubling. She entered rehab in 2008, according to People. "Tara has a problem with alcohol. It's been at the root of much discomfort between herself and her family and friends," a source told the magazine. But while the press took potshots at Reid's appearance, it was her acting skills that might have taken the most serious beating. She's now most famous for starring in parody movies like The Hungover Games and the Sharknado series.

Jason Biggs

Out of all the American Pie cast members, Jason Biggs seemingly started out with the most promising career, but it evaporated in a string of flops that included Saving Silverman, Prozac Nation, and Wedding Daze. Aside from his small role in Orange Is the New Black, Biggs' most exciting recent career development is the public admission that he once had sex with a hooker his wife, Jenny Mollen, hired for him. As she revealed in her memoir, I Like You Just the Way I Am, Mollen not only made the arrangements, she actually sat back and ate chips during the tryst.

Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth starred as the hot foreign exchange girl, Nadia, who was responsible for Jim's premature...arrival in American Pie. It's still a pretty memorable scene, but her career ever since has been absolutely forgettable. She followed Pie with the similarly raunchy sex comedy Tomcats, which bombed, and quickly saw her profile plummet to the point where she was mostly booking supporting appearances in Thir13en Ghosts and Johnson Family Vacation. She played into her sexpot image with a 1999 Playboy spread, but as her high-profile acting opportunities dried up, Elizabeth made a name for herself in other ways. She finished sixth during the 2008 season of Dancing with the Stars, and she's also known as an above-average celebrity poker player; according to Poker News, her lifetime earnings amount to more than $200,000.

Chris Klein

Chris Klein, who played Chris 'Oz' Ostreicher in American Pie, looked like a surefire heartthrob-in-the-making after the film hit theaters. Although his appearance catapulted Klein to stardom, the spotlight proved too much for him to handle. After developing an alcohol addiction, Klein was hit with a pair of DUI arrests; according to People, he spent a total of four days in jail. Since overcoming his substance abuse struggles, he's managed to get back into acting, but so far, his post-Pie work mostly consists of cameos and one-off episodes of television shows like Motive and Franklin & Bash.

Seann William Scott

Seann William Scott was perhaps the greatest movie pervert of all time as Steve Stifler in American Pie. But his sex-fiend attitude didn't carry him far in his career. He would go on to star in other teen comedies such as Old School and Dude, Where's My Car?, but his career ultimately suffered from being typecast as the go-to jerk in all these films. His image also took a bit of a hit in 2011, after TMZ reported that he'd completed a 30-day stint in a treatment facility. It's not known what issue Scott was treating, as his reps would only say it was a "health and personal issue." In recent years, he's mostly stuck to small movies, although he's the star of the indie hockey comedy franchise Goon and has enjoyed consistent voicework through the Ice Age franchise.