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Chicago Med: Fans Are Heartbroken Over [SPOILER'S] Exit From The Series

This article contains spoilers for the "Chicago Med" Season 8 finale

May 24 saw the completion of "Chicago Med" Season 8 with the release of the episode "Does One Door Close and Another One Open?" As if it's not emotional enough for fans to have to say goodbye to the series for a spell as Season 9 makes its way down the production pipeline, folks also have to contend with a major cast departure that comes with the season finale. Dr. Will Halstead, as portrayed by Nick Gehlfuss, who has led the "Chicago Med" cast since the program began, has officially bid viewers farewell.

Halstead's goodbye comes after he owns up to sabotaging the OR 2.0 in hopes of derailing the Dayton Corporation's IPO presentation. He resigns to Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) and promptly heads to Seattle, Washington, to reunite with his former romantic partner Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto). It's a bittersweet way to conclude Halstead and Gehlfuss' time on "Chicago Med," and fans have a lot of feelings about it. In fact, social media is already flooded with reactions to Halstead leaving.

Suffice to say, "Chicago Med" fans are heartbroken that this is the end for one of the show's longtime fixtures.

Will Halstead's goodbye has Twitter users in tears

"Chicago Med" fans on Twitter haven't hidden their emotions over Dr. Halstead's departure one bit. "I'm just not ready to say goodbye to Dr. Halstead...not today," tweeted @Ilive4u4me, with @BriannaGist_ writing, "Will is leaving? Not my favorite Ginger head. You can't leave me, William. What am I supposed to do without you here?" As for @_natalieviolaaa, they can't get over Halstead handing in his letter of resignation to Sharon Goodwin. Meanwhile, @thingthatworks is hopeful that he takes up a job at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital of "Grey's Anatomy" fame next.

The real kicker here is that Will isn't the only Halstead to leave a One Chicago series as of late. His younger brother, Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) bid "Chicago P.D." farewell early on in Season 10 — a fact not lost on fans. Upon the end of Will Halstead's "Chicago Med" tenure, Twitter user @KatherWren_ posted, "SO WE'RE LEFT WITH NO HALSTEAD AT ALL IN THE SAME SEASON? IM NOT OKAY. IM NOT," while @halsteadsasss tweeted, "losing will and both halstead's in one year? yeah this hurts."

Nick Gehlfuss' Will Halstead has been a staple of "Chicago Med" for years, to the degree that without him, the series will be vastly different. Nevertheless, Season 9 is indeed on the way, so it'll be interesting to see how the show progresses without Dr. Halstead at the forefront.