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Cut Throat City: RZA Knocks Over New Orleans

The RZA is turning his camera on New Orleans with the heist-in-the-midst-of-crisis movie Cut Throat City, and you can watch the first teaser for the movie up above.

Centered on the city's Lower Ninth Ward in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the movie follows Dope's Shameik Moore as Blink, a mild-mannered artist who is drawn toward a heist scheme during the storm's chaotic aftermath. 

T.I. stars as a gangster wanting to exploit the confusion of the Katrina aftermath for profit. His plan, which he shares with Blink and company? Stealing money from FEMA and other aid programs, boldly taking resources they see as poorly allocated and redistributing them, on threat of violence, to themselves.

When things go south after the initial heist, Blink and his three childhood friends are forced to double down on their life of crime by going Ocean's Eleven with it, and knocking over some casinos.

Cut Throat City is the third movie from the Wu-Tang Clan architect, producer, and rapper RZA, with his first being 2012's kung-fu homage The Man with the Iron Fists and his second being the 2017 romance Love Beats Rhymes

In addition to Moore in the lead role and T.I. as the heist ringleader, Cut Throat City stars All Eyez on Me's Demetrius Shipp Jr., Terrence Howard, Tyron Woodley, and Kat Graham, among others. 

Cut Throat City will be out in theaters in January 2019.