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The Man In The High Castle Unleashes Season 3 Teaser, Scores Season 4 Renewal

The only thing sweeter than seeing new footage from a stellar show is learning that the series has scored yet another season before its next-up one makes it to air.

That being said, The Man in the High Castle fans must be going all sorts of bonkers right now. 

On Saturday night at San Diego Comic-Con, Amazon released a teaser for season 3 of the series, which is loosely based on author Philip K. Dick's award-winning 1962 novel of the same name that imagines a world in which Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan won World War II and split the United States into two opposing territories: the Greater Nazi Reich and the Japanese Pacific States. 

The company also announced that The Man in the High Castle has been renewed for season 4 (via Deadline). 

Just over a minute in length, the new Man in the High Castle season 3 footage teases the consequences of the events of season 2, in which Juliana Crain (Alexa Davalo) fled the Resistance and Frank Fink (Rupert Evans) made a risky move trying to save Ed McCarthy's (DJ Qualls) life. It also leans heavily into the sci-fi aspects of the series, hinting at the Reich's increasing ambition to access the multiverse and gain control over entire dimensions in addition to earthly nations.

Check out the teaser above. 

When breaking the news of The Man in the High Castle's renewal, Amazon didn't mention a potential premiere date for season 4. There's more than enough grime, grit, and gore to get through in season 3 before we focus on season 4, though, so letting that remain a mystery shouldn't cause anyone to lose any precious sleep

Though many questions about the now two upcoming seasons of The Man in the High Castle have yet to be answered, one thing stands clear amongst the haze: when darkness falls, the Resistance rises. 

Season 3 of The Man in the High Castle will arrive on Amazon on October 5.