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Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Adds Spock, Unveils First Trailer

If bad things happen in threes, good news must come in pairs, as CBS All Access made two exciting reveals during its Star Trek: Discovery panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday. 

The network first unveiled the trailer for Star Trek: Discovery season 2, giving fans a glittering glimpse into the next adventure of Starfleet. 

We see Sonequa Martin-Green back in action as Michael Burnham, catch peeks at the sleek new uniforms the USS Discovery crew rocks, and get tastes of Anson Mount's Captain Christopher Pike and Tig Notaro's Chief Engineer Denise Reno — both fresh faces in the Star Trek: Discovery world. (It's worth noting that Jeffrey Hunter first played Captain Pike on the original Star Trek series, but actor Mount hasn't been seen in the overarching franchise until now.)

That reveal got the crowds at SDCC all kinds of hyped up, but CBS wasn't done with its excitement-inducing announcements. 

Following the trailer unveiling, Star Trek: Discovery executive producer, co-creator, and now new showrunner Alex Kurtzman confirmed that the second season of the series will introduce everyone's favorite half-Vulcan, half-human dude, Spock. 

"I can tell you that yes, you will be seeing Spock this season," Kurtzman stated (via Variety). The creative added that he and the rest of the Star Trek: Discovery crew know they "owe" fans "lot of answers about how this show connects to canon this season," and that viewers will get what they're after, just not in the way that they expect. 

Spock actually isn't the only well-known Star Trek character that will pop up in Discovery come season 2. According to Mount, fans will get to meet "the original Number One," first portrayed by Majel Barrett on the unaired pilot episode of NBC's Star Trek show. Rebecca Romijn will take on the role of Number One on Discovery, but it's currently unknown who might play Spock. 

Wilson Cruz will also circle back as Dr. Hugh Culber for the second season of Discovery. The actor revealed during the series' presentation, "I'm not here just to say hello ... I'll be back. We're not telling you how. But we're still reveling in the fact that this gay love has saved the universe. All the universes."

With original showrunner Bryan Fuller out, replacement showrunners Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts also gone, and Kurtzman now in, Star Trek: Discovery seems to be going all out for its second season to make up for the various changing of hands and the bumpy journey it's had from concept to execution to final product. Kurtzman is clearly piloting (pun definitely intended) the series into thrilling new territory for its upcoming season — and that sounds like exactly what the show needs. 

The freshman season got decent reviews from critics, but fans were split on how they felt about it. Adding in Spock and Number One, spicing things up with a few new stars, and taking the action into territories previously uncharted are all smart moves for Discovery and will help the series attract more attention — for the right reasons this time.

No set premiere date for Star Trek: Discovery season 2 has been announced yet, but the show is expected to return to CBS All Access in early 2019.