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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Reveals Official Revival With New Trailer

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is officially coming back to TV.

In a surprise development, Disney and Lucasfilm have announced that they are bringing back Star Wars: The Clone Wars for 12 new episodes set to air on Disney's upcoming streaming service in 2019. The details of the revival were unveiled on the official Star Wars website.

The animated television series, based on the prequel trilogy era of the Star Wars mythos, was a beloved corner of the Star Wars universe for many fans before being unceremoniously cancelled following DIsney's acquisition of Lucasfilm. 

Now, apparently thanks to fans' persistent efforts to keep the series alive, the show is officially returning.

Asked if he ever thought he'd see this revival actually happen, series supervising director Dave Filoni said, "No. I didn't, I really didn't."

According to Filoni, several members of the same crew that worked to bring Clone Wars to life in the first place are now working on the revival episodes. They represent the first batch of new Clone Wars content since the completed episodes of the unfinished seasons, branded as The Lost Missions, were released by Netflix in 2014.

The return of the Clone Wars series is a great sign of encouragement for loyal fans of Star Wars who have spent years clamoring for a revival, even as the franchise moved into original trilogy territory with Star Wars: Rebels and then the sequel trilogy with Star Wars: Resistance. According to Filoni, the revival never would have happened without their support — #CloneWarsSaved, indeed.

"Their enthusiasm is relentless," Filoni said. "Their love of these characters and stories hasn't diminished. I actually think their voice has gotten louder as the years have gone by. It's been very humbling to have their support and to have people continue to hashtag me, '#SaveTheCloneWars.'"

According to the trailer, new developments about the series' future will be announced on the official Star Wars website. For now, you can check out the triumphant revival poster down below.