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Part Of Deadpool's Costume Design Comes From Spider-Man Envy & Good Advice

There's no doubt the comic book movie-loving world is excited to see Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) on-screen together in "Deadpool 3." However, another Deadpool team-up we'd pay to see is one with Spider-Man. The wall-crawling menace and the regenerating mutant have had an exciting relationship throughout comic book history, to the point that the web-slinger is practically stitched into Deadpool's very design.

Wade Wilson co-creator Rob Liefeld had a clear idea in mind of what a character who goes by Deadpool would look like. "Obviously, if you're going to name a character Deadpool, there's going to be some red in that costume," he admitted to Vulture. The red was then blended with black, and a mask with substantial round peepers was added, resulting in the antihero having a remarkable likeness to Spider-Man.

This is partly due to Liefeld's jealousy of a gig two of his colleagues wouldn't stop bragging about. "Both of my buddies, [fellow Marvel artists] Erik Larsen and Todd McFarlane, would tell me, 'I love drawing Spider-Man. You just do an oval and two big eyes. You're in, you're out,'" he explained. The look, as far as Liefeld saw it, was sorted. All that was left was the personality that Deadpool would be adored for.

Deadpool's character was cut from Liefeld's favorite Spidey era

Wade Wilson's signature sharp-tongued manner was seemingly molded from Rob Liefeld's favorite era of Spider-Man. When Deadpool walked onto the scene in 1991, the web-slinger wasn't wielding crafty one-liners while pummelling enemies like he used to. "The Spider-Man I grew up with would make fun of you or punch you in the face and make small cracks. That was the entire intent with Deadpool," Liefeld said.

So with wisecracks and a similar wardrobe, was there much to separate the Crimson Comedian from everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? Well, it was here where Liefeld made sure to quite literally add an extra edge to Deadpool that Spidey didn't have: "I specifically told Marvel, 'He's Spider-Man, except with guns and swords.' The idea was, he's a jackass." That jackass stuck and continued popping up, causing trouble, laughs, and at one point, even killing the Marvel Universe he has now become a staple of. Not bad for a Spider-Man with very sharp implements.