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All American Season 5: How Many Episodes Are There?

Since its 2018 debut, the CW's "All American" has continued to show off the type of gripping teen drama the network is known to deliver. However, compared to some of the "CW's other shows, "All American" has the unique distinction of being loosely based on a true story. The series centers on Spencer James (Daniel Ezra), a star football player recruited to play in the upscale Beverly Hills High School. His move proves to be quite the adjustment, as his new ritzy school is a far cry from his old one in Crenshaw.

Last year, fans championed the return of "All American" as it began its fifth season. Season 5 officially kicked off on October 10, 2022. But all good things must end, and while there is overtime in the game of football, the same doesn't necessarily apply to TV seasons. "All American" Season 5 finally wrapped everything up on May 15, 2023. Part of the reason for the long duration of Season 5 is that it took a few breaks. For instance, no new episodes were shown at all during last December. In addition, "All American" Season 5 contained a whopping 20 episodes, the same amount as Season 4. For those that missed out, there are plenty of episodes to catch up on, especially as "All American" has already been renewed for Season 6.

All American will return with another season

Earlier this year, the CW announced that "All American" will return with Season 6 sometime during the 2023-24 broadcast season. The news may be a huge relief to fans following recent cancellations on other CW series. "The Winchesters," Walker: Independence," and "Kung-Fu" suffered cancellations in the network's continuing effort to lessen costs by getting rid of more scripted shows. What likely helped "All American" avoid the same chopping block fate is that the series has consistently scored touchdowns for the CW when it comes to viewers.

"All American" pulled in winning ratings among adults 18-49 during its fourth season and was a top show for the CW, especially when factoring in streaming. In the same CW announcement about the show's renewal, CW Entertainment President Brad Schwartz said, "Over the last five seasons, 'All American' has established itself as one of the all-time CW flagship franchises. 'All American' is not only the network's youngest series but also the strongest performer when combining all our platforms. If "All American" continues this trend, we could still see the show flourish in the future, no matter CW's shifting changes.