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Who Does Halle Berry Play In Moonfall?

Halle Berry stars in the movie "Moonfall," and while the film won't go down as a rousing success, audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes claim, "As long as you don't put too much thought into the plot, 'Moonfall' is a fun sci-fi disaster movie." Despite its flaws, the film is an entertaining end-of-the-world feature for some, and Berry played one of the story's heroes that saved the world from a lunar apocalypse.

In the film, Berry plays Jocinda "Jo" Fowler, the deputy director of NASA and former astronaut involved in the Endeavor mission, which ended in tragedy and set the disastrous events of the movie in motion. In order to stop the moon-level threat they are facing, she somewhat illegally acquires an experimental EMP weapon and leads a mission to the lunar surface to prevent an extraterrestrial AI swarm monster from wiping out all life on Earth. The only thing more fascinating than the role itself is why the actress chose to take it. "What was a driver for me was when Roland came to me and he said, 'I've got a part that's written for a man in my next script, but I would love you to take a look at it,'" the actress said in an interview with IGN. "And right away, that piqued my interest because as a Black woman, when I get to play a part that wasn't written for someone like me, I'm unusually always interested in taking a look at it." The decision to play Jo Fowler was a solid choice by Berry, but the actress doesn't think that she is the only character on her resume that could save the world should the moon decide to come crashing down.

Besides Jo Fowler, Berry believes Storm could handle a moon-sized disaster

In "Moonfall," there weren't many people better suited to save the world from a lunar apocalypse than Halle Berry's Jo Fowler. While the NASA Deputy director in the Roland Emmerich-directed feature was the perfect candidate to stop the threat of destruction from the crater-covered satellite orbiting Earth, the actress behind the role does believe another one of her characters could have thwarted the extinction-level event quite easily given the extraordinary abilities that particular persona possesses.

Throughout her career, Berry has played all kinds of roles, like comic book characters, spies, astronauts, 911 operators, and MMA fighters. But out of every gig she has taken on, one contender stands out from the rest as the absolute perfect choice to stop the moon from destroying the planet, and no, it's not Catwoman. "I would say Storm," the actress told ComingSoon.net. "She could muster up her powers of being able to control the environment, and I think she could muster up some kind of wind or gust of something to stop the moon from actually crashing into their Earth." Known by many as one of the X-Men's MVPs, Storm's ability to control the weather on Earth and in space makes her an ideal person to call upon should the planet experience a lunar-related emergency and after seeing Berry's efforts as the character in the films, it seems safe to assume that the mutant would be a force to be reckoned with in a one-on-one match with the moon.