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The Flash's Marketing Campaign Is Questioned After Mother's Day Promo

Potential spoilers for "The Flash" 

To be considered the world's fastest person certainly comes with a lot of responsibility. Besides simply moving at break-neck speeds, the character known as The Flash is also capable of vibrating into alternate dimensions, as well as moving fast enough to literally time travel. Of course time travel is almost always a problematic endeavor, and one's efforts can have unintended consequences that can end in disastrous results. DC's upcoming "The Flash" movie promises all sorts of twists and turns and, as one can tell by the trailer, plenty of returning faces that have long been absent from the world of DC Comics.

However, it seems as if a recent trailer posted by the official The Flash Twitter account on Mother's Day is certainly causing quite a stir among viewers. Loosely adapting the "Flashpoint" story from the comics, "The Flash" will see Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) attempt to rectify events in his own life, namely saving his own mother. Unfortunately, this action creates several paradoxes and issues for all of reality, which is probably why fans are irate at the previously mentioned post, which seemingly spoiled an incredibly emotional moment from the upcoming movie. This is because the 17-second clip shows an adult Barry speaking with his mother, who has no idea who he is, and the two share some incredibly uplifting and touching sentiments about expressing one's love towards their mother.

Fans are upset that Warner Bros. may have ruined the most emotional moment of The Flash

Considering the plot and what is already known about "The Flash," many seem to have viewed even this short clip as a potentially major spoiler, and they have let their thoughts be known in the comment section. Many were aggravated at the post, like @Kal-El_fan49, who wrote, "Spoiling the climax of the movie? Great marketing." Likewise, @AkramHatemAhmed tweeted, "Could WBD stop spoiling the film in trailers and TV spots?" 

Meanwhile, @themanw86500852 added, "I'm not going to spend a penny on this film! I will wait for a free stream after all these spoiler-filled teasers! Give it a rest." @LastS0n even took it a step further, writing, "So she dies at the end when Barry realizes he can't save her in order to restore the time line. Got it. Thanks for the spoiler." 

As mentioned earlier, "The Flash" is inspired by the "Flashpoint" story, and it seems as if many of these commenters are at least vaguely familiar with the particular plot points of the comics. However, it doesn't take much mental gymnastics to reach the same conclusion, even if one isn't keen on the source material. Needless to say, as touching and as clever as the short clip posted on Mother's Day is, it seems as if the snippet might have spoiled what could be the most emotional moment of "The Flash."