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GOTG: Sean Gunn Is Very Close To Rocket After Doing His Motion Capture

Since we first met the "Guardians of the Galaxy," Sean Gunn provided the motion capture for Rocket throughout his time in the MCU, lending a physical hand when it was needed or a foot for when grass required kicking. Understandably, getting under the skin of the iconic character created a bond with little chance of breaking, highlighting just what Guardians is all about. "Rocket's interesting because it takes a team of people to create Rocket. It's my brother [writer and director] James, and it's me, and it's the visual effects team. And then, of course, it's Bradley Cooper," Gunn explained to AV Club. As we've seen repeatedly, Rocket has provided the courage, comedy, and heart (not that he'd admit it) for some of the Guardians' greatest moments. "So if there's any character who best defines what the Guardians are all about, it's Rocket," Gunn said. The question is, where does Sean Gunn end and Rocket begin?

Bradley Cooper might be the voice behind the Guardians' mouthiest member, but Sean Gunn certainly breathed just as much life into Rocket on set. So much so that over time, Gunn has seen himself on screen, only fluffier. "No, I definitely see stuff that I did all the time because a lot of the stuff, the hand movements or shrugs, or sighs, or things where Rocket's looking around like that's all me," he confirmed. "Most of the time, that's stuff that I did on set. So I see that stuff a lot." 

Sean Gunn sees himself in Rocket on-screen

One last hurrah deserves some extra oomph, and for "Vol. 3," Sean Gunn got more involved when it came to looking back on Rocket's young years. Besides voicing the raccoon that would be Rocket in his early years, more motion capture was included when bringing his other furry friends to life that only now we'd come to learn about."When we shot some of the younger Rocket stuff, I didn't have to get down on my hands and knees. We actually did more proper motion capture, where I'm standing at my full height and moving as Rocket."

He wasn't the only one in on the act, either. The other cast members that were playing the characters caged in with Rocket were also applying their movements to bring their alter-egos to life, including Linda Cardellini, who had already spent some time in the MCU as Laura Barton, the loving mother, and wife of the Barton/Hawkeye household. "Working with Linda is a box check on my career list. She's absolutely one of the finest actors out there. And she's been a friend for years, but she's also just magnificent as a performer," he said. "And so being able to do those scenes with her was really special." This was just another perk for Gunn, who, after spending so long walking the walk, could finally talk the talk as everyone's favorite Guardian (sorry, Drax), and what a great job he did of it as well.