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Where To Stream Nope At Home

When it comes to modern horror and social thrillers, few names loom as large as Jordan Peele. After getting his start in sketch comedy alongside his comedic partner Keegan-Michael Key on the eponymous series "Key & Peele," it probably seemed insane to most of his fans when he announced that he'd take on a darker project with 2017's "Get Out." Those fans, though, were likely pleasantly surprised when "Get Out" turned out to be an incredible "social thriller" — as Peele dubbed it — that ultimately won the writer-director an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and set a new standard when it came to thoughtful horror movies.

Peele followed that with "Us" in 2018, which wasn't quite as critically acclaimed but featured an absolutely outstanding turn from fellow Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o in the movie's lead role, and in 2022, he blew audiences away with "Nope." Despite its lack of attention during awards season, "Nope" was hailed as another success by critics and praised for its larger-than-life approach to a seemingly familiar subject as well as its complex message about what it is to be "watched" by others. 

So how can you watch "Nope?" Luckily for you, it's streaming on Amazon Prime for subscribers. 

You can watch Nope on Amazon Prime for free with a subscription

So what is "Nope" even about, since you can't tell anything from its title? The story focuses on Otis Junior "OJ" Haywood (Daniel Kaluuya, Peele's leading man from "Get Out") and his sister Emerald "Em" Haywood (Keke Palmer), whose quiet horse ranch is suddenly terrorized by what appears to be a UFO floating above them. First, their father is killed by falling debris from the mysterious flying object, and then things get stranger when their power cuts out for short periods and their horses start disappearing rapidly — at which point Em decides that they have to get the UFO on film, saying that they can make money if they get what she dubs the "Oprah shot." 

With the help of tech expert Angel Torres (Brandon Perea) and cinematographer Antlers Holst (Michael Wincott), the latter of whom sets up a hand-cranked camera to avoid the UFO's apparent electromagnetic pulse, they try to film it, even though OJ realizes a horrifying truth about the flying saucer before they even make their attempt. We won't spoil here whether or not the gang gets the "Oprah shot" in the end, but if you haven't seen "Nope" yet, head to Amazon Prime to check out Peele's smart, introspective take on a summer blockbuster and a monster movie rolled into one.