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The Rings Of Power: Who Plays Galadriel's Brother Finrod?

In the first few minutes of Amazon Prime Video's "The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power," we are introduced to two Elvish siblings named Galadriel (Amelie Child-Villers/Morfydd Clark) and Finrod – the latter of whom vowed to track down and kill the dark lord Sauron, and subsequently died in the attempt. Finrod appears only briefly during the first 10 minutes of the series, and later in a flashback during the episode "Alloyed," and is played in both appearances by up-and-coming actor Will Fletcher.

It's safe to say that "The Rings of Power" (as one of the most expensive and high-profile television series ever produced) was Fletcher's first big break as an actor, with his only prior credits on IMDB belonging to a short film called "Conversations at Dusk" and the Richie Adams-directed independent film "The Road Dance." Following his minor part in "The Rings of Power," Fletcher went on to star in two episodes of the miniseries "Tom Jones" as Mr. Nightingale, and he's set to appear in the upcoming drama film "Fear Below."

Though he's only been acting for a short time, it's clear that Finrod remains the most prolific part of Will Fletcher's career thus far – regardless of how little screen time he has.

Finrod is incredibly important in Middle-earth's history

Though Will Fletcher only had a few sparse appearances throughout "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power," it's worth noting that Finrod is actually a massively influential figure within the original source material written by J.R.R. Tolkein.

According to Tolkein's "The Silmarillion" (a detailed account of the creation and history of Middle-earth), Finrod was the King of Nargothrong, an underground Elven city that was built by Finrod alongside the Dwarves. He was also the first of the Ñoldor Elves to discover Men living in Middle-earth and become very close with them – once gifting a magical ring to a man named Barahir, which was later passed down to Aragorn, son of Arathorn. Finrod's death in the books also came at the hands of Sauron, though he did accomplish one final act of heroism when he broke free from his prison cell and saved the hero Beren from a werewolf – dying from his wounds shortly after.

Though "The Rings of Power" chooses to omit most of the lengthy and important history of Finrod, it's fair to say that Will Fletcher's brief appearance still makes quite an impact on the show – as Finrod's death is the impetus for Galadriel's quest to find and defeat Sauron, and the driving force behind her story arc throughout the first season of the show.