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Never Have I Ever's Final Season Gets Its First Trailer

The thing about coming-of-age stories is that, eventually, the characters have to come of age. Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and her classmates on Netflix's "Never Have I Ever" have come a long way, but it appears they still have a bit of growing up to do before they graduate in the final season of the comedy series.

At the beginning of the show, Devi was a socially awkward girl just trying to do all the normal things high schoolers want to do, like being popular and trying to get a boyfriend. She succeeds (in a way) in the latter endeavor during the Season 3 finale when she starts kissing Ben (Jaren Lewison) as the bedroom door behind them closes with Devi cashing in on her "One Free Boink" card. As the Season 4 trailer indicates, they did indeed go all the way, but that's only going to complicate matters further, as Devi has a lot else on her mind than boys. And if the trailer's any sign, "Never Have I Ever" will give these characters the send-off they deserve.

Never Have I Ever Season 4 brings the stress with romance and college acceptances

The Netflix show gets its title from the drinking game where people say, "Never have I ever," followed by a statement about something they've never done before. Whoever has done the thing has to take a drink, and by "Never Have I Ever" Season 4, Devi should be pretty good at that game. She's had multiple romantic partners, started rumors about other girls, and gotten into all kinds of adolescent shenanigans. And she's not slowing down going into the final batch of episodes as she now has to really work on getting into the college of her dreams — Princeton. 

However, writing college essays will be tough when juggling all kinds of romantic paramours. Despite Devi and Ben doing the deed in Season 3, it appears Ben has moved on to another girl at this point, assuming it was just a one-time thing. That's on top of all of the family drama Devi has to deal with. Most kids would be happy succumbing to senioritis in their final year of high school, but with Devi and friends, there's just too much going on to check out entirely.

Fans can witness the end of Devi's high school journey when "Never Have I Ever" Season 4 premieres on Netflix on June 8.