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FROM: Eion Bailey Admires The 'MacGyver' Factor Of His Character Jim Matthews

Eion Bailey is surprisingly calm for someone starring in an evil version of ABC's "Lost." The MGM+ original series in question is "FROM," and it follows a group of strangers who are trapped in a town that refuses to let them leave. How this is possible is one of the production's central mysteries. The other is who are those demonic creatures that are eating people when the sun goes down.

All this to say that "FROM" creates an understandably stressful environment for its characters, and Bailey likes how little it affects his character, Jim Matthews. During a YouTube interview with The Man Cave Chronicles, Bailey stated that he valued his "FROM" character's level-headedness and ingenuity, so much so that he compared his Jim Matthews to the king of creation himself, Angus MacGyver, the titular star of the 1985 series and its 2016 remake.

"I appreciate how he thinks with reason and logic and looks at everything like a puzzle that can be solved. Whether it can or not, he leans that direction first. No matter what the problem is — a bit like MacGyver — no matter what the problem is, there is a way out ... that's kind of like the can-do spirit that I can get behind." 

Jim Matthews enjoys minor feats of major engineering in FROM

Eion Bailey is probably referring to that time when Jim Matthews got into radios. One of the many mysteries found in the MGM+ series is that the town is somehow getting electricity and radio frequencies without having any logical access to either. The cords which seemingly power their appliances are notably devoid of internal wiring and lead to nowhere, and the frequencies are creepy little messages from the aforementioned demonic creatures.

Understandably, Jim finds this odd, so he decides to investigate the situation by building a radio transmission tower, which is something MacGyver would have done if he were stuck in a pocket dimension with a mysterious frequency. Jim doesn't do it alone, though. He's got Jade (David Alpay) on the project, too, which is more assistance than MacGyver ever received. Together, they try to MacGyver a solution to their unique, dangerous predicament.

Season 2 of "FROM" is now streaming on MGM+ and other assorted sites.