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Whatever Happened To Ben Rathbun From 90 Day Fiance?

Ben Rathbun, a father of four and former youth pastor, was introduced on "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" Season 5, as he pursued a relationship with Mahogany Roca. Despite a 30-year age gap, and massive red flags that he was potentially being catfished for a green card, he traveled to Peru anyway to meet her. After quite the rocky trip, which ended with Ben and Mahogany going their separate ways, they announced their reunion on the season's "Tell-All." But what's happened to Ben since his reality TV stint?

For some time, fans wondered if Ben was a single man once again. His and Mahogany's social media accounts went dark, and it was impossible for curious fans to know what was happening in their lives. However, in August 2022, a few months after their "90 Day" season aired, they announced their engagement in a joint YouTube video. Mahogany also posted about her man on Instagram, even praising him for being there when she experienced an overdose scare.

Yet once again, the pair is gone from social media. The engagement video is deleted, Mahogany's Instagram account is unavailable, and Ben's private IG page only has five posts at the time of writing. It's possible that Ben is no longer with his Peruvian love, but also possible that they're off filming new "90 Day Fiancé" content, as speculated by viewers.

Ben Rathbun ran into trouble with the law and his employer

In March 2022, as "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" was airing its final episodes on TLC, a bench warrant for Ben Rathbun was issued. The month prior, he failed to appear in court for a probation violation hearing, all of which goes back to his September 2020 OUI arrest. The March incident resulted in Ben's employer, the Michigan Lupus Foundation, firing him as its executive director. Ben told In Touch of his termination, "Anything that would distract us from accomplishing the mission of our charity should be dealt with appropriately. I had become a major distraction, and I know this process, while painful, is the best course of action."

According to Ben, he failed to appear in court because the summons was mailed to the wrong address. He also stressed that his OUI arrest wasn't for drunk driving. Ben allegedly accepted some wine from a homeless couple that he was helping at a Red Roof Inn, but the drink was spiked, unbeknownst to him. Upon trying to drive home the next morning, he hit a curb. "The police did a breathalyzer and found no alcohol, but later they did a blood draw at the station and found Flubromazolam in my system," he told In Touch.

Not much else is publicly known about Ben Rathbun at the moment. But if fans are truly curious, they can message him on Cameo for only $2.