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Fast X: The Real-Life Inspiration Behind Tess' Wardrobe

The "Fast & Furious" franchise is poised to continue with the 2023 entry "Fast X." Directed by Louis Leterrier, the film sees returning performers Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, and Jason Statham joined by newcomers Jason Momoa, Rita Moreno, and Brie Larson, who plays Tess.

In a profile with Harper's Bazaar, Larson spoke about gaining a new sense of confidence and self over the past few years. On "Fast X," this led to her providing input on what Tess wears.

The inspiration for her jacket came from a particularly unique source; Pauline, the youngest daughter of her new co-star Vin Diesel. Diesel himself recounted the story, noting that Pauline was wearing a jacket when she first met Larson. The jacket had the words "Good Vibes Only" written on the back, and when Larson saw it, she liked the jacket so much that she went to the film's wardrobe department, having them make one just like it in her size. "Brie went to the wardrobe department and had them re-create the jacket," Diesel told Harper's Bazaar. "She wore it throughout the movie."

The film's costume designer is used to working with the performers to inform their characters

Brie Larson saw a familiar face in the wardrobe department of "Fast X," as Sanja Milkovic Hays, the film's costume designer, also worked with Larson on the 2019 superhero film "Captain Marvel." Hays has been as important to the franchise as its performers, having been with the series since its genesis, the 2001 film "The Fast and the Furious," only unable to work on 2017's "The Fate Of The Furious" due to scheduling conflicts.

In a 2017 interview with Yahoo!, Hays spoke about her inspirations for the costumes from the first film to 2015's "Furious 7." She attended a genuine street race ahead of the 2001 film but found the outfits underwhelming, leading her to Japanese fashion magazines for inspiration instead.

Hays also noted that Vin Diesel has also been very involved with the costumes for his character Dominic Toretto, making Larson's request par for the course. "Saying he had special requests doesn't even begin to describe it," Hays said of Diesel. She appreciated his input, however, saying that she enjoys collaborating with performers in bringing their characters to life. "I feel that my job to help an actor create a character as much as I can help them create the character, whether it's a star or a day player," she concluded.