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Mark Hamill bloopers that make us love him even more

No matter what other movies or TV shows Mark Hamill makes, he will always be synonymous with one role: Luke Skywalker. That's just bound to happen when an actor's breakout gig turned out to be the lead role in the Star Wars films, one of the most cherished and successful film franchises of all time.

Star Wars fans love Hamill for being a part of their favorite movies (he appeared in the original trilogy, as well as in the sequel series), but he's also one of the most accomplished voice actors in Hollywood. In addition to parts on popular TV shows like Regular Show (Skips), Futurama (Chanukah Zombie), and The Simpsons (himself, starring in a Star Wars-themed dinner theater production of Guys and Dolls), he's been the long-time voice of the Joker in many Batman projects.

In addition to bringing all his characters to life, Hamill is also a funny and fun-loving guy. These bloopers from behind the scenes of his films — both Star Wars movies and other projects — prove it.

Mark Hamill is the original "Star Wars Kid"

Remember "Star Wars Kid"? One of the first ever viral videos, it featured a quiet teenager swinging around a golf ball retriever like it was a lightsaber. Many mocked the kid online, despite the fact that this scenario has played out in countless bedrooms, garages, and backyards since Star Wars hit theaters in May 1977. It's kind of charming, the way he shows off his lightsaber skills, learned from repeated viewings of certain Star Wars films.

Unlike that kid, or the actors in the more recent Star Wars movies for that matter, Mark Hamill didn't have the luxury of any existing Star Wars lightsaber battle footage that he could watch. He and director George Lucas had to create those iconic scenes (and moves) from scratch. He'd certainly never waved a laser sword around before (nobody had), so the process of him learning how to do it in these outtakes makes him look very uncool ... but it still packs a lot of charm. It must have taken Hamill a while to get comfortable with his weapon, because he epically fumbles that lightsaber in this blooper, somehow managing to knock off his own helmet in the process.

Young Man Hamill can't get the jargon down

Star Wars is a science-fiction movie, set in space, with lots of ships, star bases, fighter planes, droids, invented planets, alien races, and other assorted technological and cultural accouterments, which means it's loaded up with lots of delicious jargon. As Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill certainly got his fair share of mumbo-jumbo mouthfuls, basically from the beginning. ("I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters," he famously whined in Star Wars: A New Hope.)

That's in the medium-range of difficult slang, but in this blooper from Star Wars, Hamill has a hard time getting down a simple line that's laced with just one space word. While piloting an X-wing starfighter, Skywalker is scripted to remark, "Glad we got some distance before that thing goes supernova." Hamill, however, bungles that real-life astronomical term ... or at least he thinks he does, because he requests offscreen confirmation that he's pronouncing it correctly.

Older Man Hamill can't figure out the spaceship

Luke Skywalker has changed a lot from the era of the original Star Wars trilogy to the time when the post-millennial Star Wars films take place. Once an eager and excitable freedom fighter, he's withdrawn and grizzled in The Last Jedi. Luke spends most of his screen time in the film evading Rey (Daisy Ridley), refusing to give her training, and thereby avoiding his destiny and not utilizing his special and amazing powers. Despite the long arc of the character playing out, some things never change, like the guy who plays him and his continued and amusing difficulty with the more technical aspects of the Star Wars universe.

This time, Hamill doesn't ask for help; he plays it off, and me makes fun of himself. While he gets a little nostalgic for some familiar parts of his spaceship cockpit, he spends this blooper comparing himself to a crotchety old man, specifically Grandpa Simpson from The Simpsons.

Luke Skywalker has daddy issues

The Empire Strikes Back delivers (spoiler alert for this decades-old movie) one of film's most famous shock endings. Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), along with the rest of the (movie-going) universe, learns that his real father is Darth Vader. Yep, the hero and the villain are blood-related. They're fighting on opposites sides of these raging star wars, and they're actively attempting to stop one another. That's a complicated relationship already, and then once the whole father-and-son dynamic is factored in, it makes for some real tension and awkwardness.

It's just plain hard for a lot of guys to talk to their imposing fathers, and their dads are definitely not Darth Vader. All of that junk has to be on baby-faced Mark Hamill's mind as he confronts Darth Vader in this scene from Return of the Jedi. He garbles his dialogue completely and hangs his head in mock-shame, unable to enunciate the simple word "destroy."

He could more than barely bear Brigsby Bear

Mark Hamill is more than just Luke Skywalker in live-action movies and arguably the best Joker of all time. He also shows up from time to time in interesting indie movies, such as Brigsby Bear, a dark comedy about the strangest and most mysterious kiddie TV show possible, co-written by and starring Saturday Night Live's Kyle Mooney. Hamill's role as Ted Mitchum bridges the gap between his in-the-flesh work and his voice acting. He plays Ted, the father figure of Mooney's character, and also an evil, human-faced sun god on the show-within-a-movie, Brigsby Bear Adventures.

Hamill had to be heavily made up to play that weird sun-face thing on the wall, and he's barely recognizable in the part. However, his voice — and sense of humor — are immediately familiar when he starts riffing funny things to say. You simply haven't lived until you've heard Mark Hamill as a sun god wonder if anybody is interested in ordering some Thai food.