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Star Trek: Picard's Ed Speleers Would Love Going 'Toe To Toe' With John De Lancie Again

Although the final season of "Star Trek: Picard" sees a reunion of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" cast members, the last moments of the show are actually dedicated to Jack Crusher (Ed Speleers) and the mysterious entity known as Q (John de Lancie). Considering Q's history with Jack's father, Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), this is a fitting culmination to "Star Trek: Picard" that potentially sets up further adventures between Jack and Q. Unsurprisingly, it looks like Speleers truly enjoyed his time sharing the screen with de Lancie, and would welcome to the opportunity to do so again.

Speaking with Collider, Speleers noted that he was initially intimidated by de Lancie because of his demeanor, which Speleers described as warm and intense. Speleers continued and said that they had filmed different versions of the ending scene to "Picard" and how one iteration sees Speleers' Jack offer a rye smile. Speleers added, "I don't think we told John we did it, and I remember him being really animated and being like, 'I like that.' I had a really great day with him, and I mean that. If we got to go again, that would be phenomenal going toe to toe with him. I would absolutely love that."

John de Lancie loved getting a chance to play Q again

Ed Speleers' Jack Crusher plays an integral part in "Star Trek: Picard," and since Jack is the inheritor of the Picard legacy, it makes perfect sense as to why Q would pop up and tease the start of a new adventure. Q appears in several different "Star Trek" properties, starting with "Star Trek: The Next Generation," and although the character seems to be human at first, he is actually an inter-dimensional being that has reality-warping powers. However, considering both Q and Jack's interaction, as well as Q's meddling throughout "Star Trek: Picard," there might come a time when Speleers is given a chance to once again act alongside John de Lancie, especially since so much time was spent getting that end scene just right.

In an interview with Star Trek Explorer magazine (via TrekMovie), de Lancie explained how happy he was to be back in the role, saying, "I was very pleased to work with Patrick, and I think that he was pleased to work with me. The set-up scenes were important. One had to commit to them in a certain way, which was not just simply, 'I say my lines, and you say your lines.' He really met that challenge. It was clear to me, the two of us and the director, that these were establishing shots for which the rest of the episodes were going to go on."

John de Lancie's comment about Patrick Stewart highlights how meticulous both he and the director were with a specific scene, and one can easily see that the same thought process was involved with the final moments of "Star Trek: Picard," so let's hope that Speleers gets his wish!