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FTWD Season 8 Theory: Negan Will Make An Appearance

In "The Walking Dead" franchise, zombies aren't the only thing that looms large over survivors. Besides these ravenous hordes of undead, the biggest threat to humanity is often other humans. Zombies are easy to deal with and predictable, but humans? Completely different story — just look at Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Negan long wrought havoc in "The Walking Dead," and his victims even make an appearance in the spin-off show "Fear The Walking Dead," like Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista).

Considering that "Fear The Walking Dead" returns on May 14, and the continuing focus on Dwight and Sherry, it makes sense that Negan might actually show up. This is on account of the fact that there is a lot of unresolved issues surrounding these three characters, and since Negan will soon be teaming up with Maggie (Lauren Cohen) in "The Walking Dead: Dead City," Negan will likely come face to face with some of the people who he has wronged in the past.

How else could the "Walking Dead" franchise make Negan more of a redeemed character if Dwight and Sherry never get the closure that so they desperately need? Negan has already gone from brutal warlord to reluctant ally, and him showing up in "Fear The Walking Dead" would certainly continue that trend.

A Fear The Walking Dead showrunner has teased a familiar face showing up and story conclusions

In a recent interview with SFX Magazine (via CBR), showrunner Andrew Chambliss hyped up fans of the "Walking Dead" franchise by promising that the soon-to-be-released Season 8 of "Fear The Walking Dead" will see many of the scattered characters brought back together. Chambliss teased, "And maybe even a few other familiar faces [will show up]. We wanted to, as best we could with the real estate we have, try to give everyone a really satisfying conclusion. We wanted to try to make it feel like we weren't leaving anyone out in the cold."

Though "Fear the Walking Dead" has featured plenty of characters from "The Walking Dead," like Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Maggie, Dwight, Sherry, Morgan (Lennie James), Jesus (Thomas Payne), and Carol (Melissa McBride), the showrunner's tease here promises resolution. However, a superficial appearance from one of these characters in Season 8 of "Fear The Walking Dead" wouldn't be plot-worthy. It would likely amount to needless fan service unless they were somehow shoe-horned in with a surprise plot twist.

So, thinking about which character would make the most impact considering the current story being told in "Fear The Walking Dead," the most obvious answer would be Negan. He almost certainly has a part to play in what's coming next — especially with the aforementioned unresolved trauma between himself, Sherry, and Dwight.