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Peacemaker's New Pet Named After A Huge DC Hero And Needs To Be Made Canon

Contains spoilers for "Peacemaker Tries Hard #1."

Peacemaker is starring in his own DC Black Label limited series, where he just got a perfect dog sidekick who needs to become canon in the DCU.

In the new "Peacemaker Tries Hard" #1 by Kyle Starks, Steve Pugh, Jordie Bellaire, and Becca Carey from DC Comics, Christopher Smith finds himself working alongside Amanda Waller again. Despite finishing his service with Task Force X, he agrees to help in the name of peace (and for Waller to continue paying his bills). But, when the hero arrives at the criminals' hideout, he meets a dog he immediately adores.

While readers have seen Peacemaker befriends animals before, Bruce quickly wins the affection of the former Suicide Squad hero. Christopher Smith ends up keeping the dog and bringing him back home with him. However, the joy is soon ripped from Peacemaker's arms, with the hero immediately being put in a situation where he needs to fight for his new friend's life. And to win his dog back, which he affectionately names Bruce Wayne, he will need to take down one of the most powerful mercenaries in the DC Universe: Deathstroke.

Peacemaker's new partner connects to his tragic childhood

"Peacemaker Tries Hard" #1 sees Peacemaker go up against a group of terrorists planning to break into S.T.A.R. Labs and steal dangerous tech. He comes in swinging, smashing them through walls, ceilings, and windows. After defeating them and completing his mission, Peacemaker's interrogation is interrupted by a dog. He uses choice language to describe the pup as the cutest dog he's ever seen, learning it was a stray who was hanging around. Peacemaker refers to him as a "fancy little man" who reminds him of Bruce Wayne. Peacemaker leaves with the dog, who helps him find peace, but also triggers some dark flashbacks.

Readers see Christopher Smith as a child, long before he became Peacemaker, practicing shooting guns with his dad. Christopher asks if he can get a dog as a reward if he hits all the obstacles. Peacemaker's dad, being the monster he is, tells him, "hell no," adding one couldn't be trusted as they are two loyal and conforming. His father tells him blind allegiance is bad, and he won't tolerate it with a dog. Smith tries to make his case, asking if maybe a dog's superpower is seeing worth in people. Sadly, Peacemaker's dad calls his son stupid and says nobody will ever love him before threatening him if he doesn't hit the targets in his training soon. 

In the present, Peacemaker brings Bruce Wayne back to his home and reveals he's excited to take him on walks. However, after realizing he needs eggs to make an instant cake he bought, he goes to the grocery store. When he returns, he realizes someone has kidnapped Bruce.

Peacemaker will fight to save Bruce Wayne

Unfortunately, Peacemaker finds a letter at home telling him his dog has been taken. When he arrives at the rendevous point, he learns the villain, The Brain, is responsible for stealing Bruce Wayne. Working alongside the superintelligent ape, Monsieur Mallah, The Brain tells Peacemaker he wishes to return to a human body, sharing he has the technology to grow one; he just needs the materials to do so.

Looking for a body that can handle his brainpower, The Brain, reveals his research found the perfect vessel, and he needs Peacemaker's help to acquire it. Threatening to kill Bruce if he doesn't help, The Brain reveals he wants the genetic material of Deathstroke the Terminator. Knowing how challenging bringing Deathstroke to him will be, Peacemaker lets out an F-bomb as he accepts the mission to save his dog.

There's little question Peacemaker is one of the deadliest killers in the DC Universe, whose mastery of weapons makes him a great hired gun for The Brain. However, Deathstroke might be his equal when it comes to killing. But, with no choice but to concede his services in exchange for Bruce Wayne's safety, Peacemaker is putting himself in immediate danger for a noble cause. Much like his relationship with Eagly, Peacemaker will do anything to help keep Bruce from being hurt. Going up against Deathstroke proves how seriously he adores his new four-legged friend. Peacemaker will need all the luck he can get to have a successful mission.

Peacemaker works best with an animal sidekick

Bruce Wayne continues the trend of pairing Peacemaker with an animal. In the "Peacemaker" live-action series by James Gunn and starring John Cena, the hero works alongside a bald eagle named Eagly. The bird assisted Peacemaker during his missions to take down the Butterflies as well as his evil father. Part of what made Eagly a fan-favorite character during the show was his bond with the hard-headed killer. Peacemaker saw Eagly not just as his pet but as an important ally and friend. The pair shared multiple hugs throughout the first season, with Eagly's near-death at the end of the series being one of the show's most heartbreaking moments.

While Eagly is an original creation for the TV show and didn't have a comic book counterpart when he was first introduced in "Peacemaker," last year's "Strange Love Adventures" #1" anthology from DC Comics by Rex Ogle, Geraldo Borges, Nick Flardi, and Ferran Delgado made Peacemaker's eagle sidekick canon. In the Valentine's Day-themed story, Peacemaker's connection with Eagly is apparent as he chooses the sharp-clawed bird as his Valentine. 

Of course, future seasons of "Peacemaker" should keep Eagly as a main character, but it would be fun to see some competition for Peacemaker's love with the introduction of Bruce Wayne the dog. Seeing a jealous side of Eagly would be hilarious, as would Peacemaker trying to show his sidekick to love Bruce as he does in the comics. It would also be another fun way to reference Batman in the series without actually using the character. 

Readers can see Bruce's debut in "Peacemaker Tries Hard" #1 by Kyle Starks, Steve Pugh, Jordie Bellaire, and Becca Carey from DC Comics, which is in comic book stores and online retailers now.