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HIMYF Theory: Sophie Has The Same Dad As Barney In HIMYM

Throughout its run, "How I Met Your Mother" had fans creating wild fan theories, like one suggesting Ted's kids never existed, and it seems that "How I Met Your Father" looks to be following in its footsteps. There are plenty of fan theories surrounding the Manhattan-based characters of "HIMYF," with most questioning who the father could be. However, one fan suggested that Sophie (Hilary Duff) could share a lineage with fan-favorite "HIMYM" character Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris). 

On Reddit, u/Exotic_Bonnies posted the theory, pivoting from the subreddit's usual search for the titular Father to hunt for Sophie's long-lost dad, who's been a big question mark since the show's premiere. The user suggested that "Sophie's mom and dad met at Lollapalooza," saying, "We know Barney's dad was a rocker, so, of course, he'd be attending festivals." They also point out that Sophie's mom has black hair, so she'd have to get her blond hair from her father. "HIMYM" flashbacks show Barney's dad having blond hair. He also walked out on Barney in 1981, and the user said, "It's not impossible for him to keep up his womanizing ways up until 1991, though 'HIMYM' never established when exactly he left that life behind."

They also suggest that Sophie's parents could have a significant age gap between them, mirroring Sophie's relationship with Robert (John Corbett), as Barney's dad was known for hitting on younger women.

HIMYF fans are split on the theory

While the author of the theory states that it's unlikely to be accurate, "How I Met Your Father" fans began discussing its validity in the thread.

U/Kalomega wrote, "It definitely could be the base, but... why? I'm not sure what this would accomplish," pointing out that "How I Met Your Mother" already explored Barney's dad, so there wouldn't be a point to do it all over again. Similarly, u/Miss___D said it could be possible, but they "don't think they should have someone as close to the original gang as her dad." Instead, they suggested that "HIMYF" should use a secondary character for Sophie's dad, someone like Bryan Cranston's Hammond Druthers. U/clrcrvlh thinks that if Sophie and Barney were related, he'd appear in the show more often instead of the small cameos he's made. 

Other users, like u/TechnocracticCitizen and u/Gizzycav, pointed out a flaw in the theory, saying that Barney's half-sister was born in 1992, so Barney's dad had to have settled down by then, meaning he couldn't have attended the Lollapalooza that Sophie was conceived at. 

However, the reception wasn't entirely negative. U/Fernandojg67 liked the theory, supporting their fellow fan. Similarly, u/RangerHaze also enjoyed the idea but hopes "HIMYF" creates a new storyline for Sophie's dad instead of "clinging to old ones."