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Who Plays Adam Franco In Netflix's AKA?

The list of must-watch 2023 Netflix movies continues to grow, and from the looks of its reception, one candidate that seems like it's worthy of the list is "AKA." The crime-thriller has made an impact, and anyone that's enjoyed the no-holds-barred thrill ride is probably wondering who is the guy at the center of all the mayhem.

An undercover mission into a crime syndicate turns into a moral conundrum when a special ops agent gets too attached to the son of a crime boss. In the midst of all the cinematic chaos is Adam Franco, who is played by actor and former stuntman Alban Lenoir. 

Having been active in the industry since 2002, Lenoir has managed to attain several notable credits along the way, including shows like "Hero Corp" and "Lazy Company," as well as the movie "French Blood," where the actor was nominated for the Lumières Award. While "AKA" has had a tremendous start on the streamer, the action-packed endeavor isn't Lenoir's first Netflix film as he also starred in "Lost Bullet," "Big Bug," and "Lost Bullet 2: Back For More."

While he has managed to rack up several credits, "AKA" is quickly becoming a contender for being one of his biggest claims to fame, and it might surprise some to see what certain fans and critics are saying about his efforts in the Netflix film.

Plenty of people loved Alban Lenior in AKA

There is no denying that fans are enjoying the Netflix film "AKA," and the thriller has managed to pull off a stellar audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, probably thanks to its killer story and pulse-pounding sequences. While the movie as a whole deserves considerable recognition for entertaining viewers with its relentless action, the man behind most of the on-screen havoc, Alban Lenoir, has also garnered some serious praise from fans.

"Just saw this movie," u/Adultadd09 posted on Reddit, "and holy moly that was a fantastic movie from start to end! I really hope to see this guy in more movies! I was super impressed and will definitely watch it again." It isn't just fans who have revered the work of Lenoir, as well as the rest of the cast. 

"With good performances from its cast, 'AKA' leads the audience down a violent and bloody two-hour journey," Jordan Lyon wrote in the review for But Why Tho? "The violence might be too much for some; however, for action lovers, 'AKA' will be a film worth visiting." 

Lenoir's time as Franco has served him well, and his turn in "AKA" has made an impact on many, adding to the actor's legacy within the action genre. Hopefully, he will continue to add worthwhile credits like the Netflix movie to his list of action-packed accomplishments.