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Things You Missed In Suicide Squad's 'Blitz' Trailer

During the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, the new "Blitz" trailer for Suicide Squad was released. Hot on the heels of reviewers slamming Batman v Superman for being long and boring, Warner Bros. has produced another upbeat trailer for the DC Comics version of The Expendables, one that's heavy on the fun, chaos, and badassery. Let's get one thing straight: if Superman were to "fly down, rip off the roof of the White House, [and] grab the President right out of the Oval Office," Task Force X probably wouldn't have been able to stop him. But it's the thought that counts, right? Harley Quinn is pouring the drinks, and Deadshot is living up to his name at the bar as we explore some small details you may have missed in the new Suicide Squad trailer. As you'd expect, there are potential spoilers ahead.

Amanda Waller is making sure no one goes AWOL

Near the beginning of the trailer, we see a few quick shots of Harley Quinn and Killer Croc getting injections in their neck while restrained. Here, members of Amanda Waller's secret government agency, Task Force X, are implanting the villains with some sort of precautionary measure, Escape from New York-style. In the animated movie, Batman: Assault on Arkham, the Suicide Squad was injected with small bombs in their necks that would explode if any member was to rebel against Waller's commands. Based on a certain member of the group appearing during the prison segments of the trailer and not with the group later, it's safe to say someone successfully tests Task Force X's fatal safety measure. Who are we talking about? Well...

Sayonara, Slipknot

Early on, we see rope-master Slipknot being held back by FBI agents at what is presumably the base where the Suicide Squad is being assembled and armed before being sent on their mission. A little later in the trailer, Slipknot appears to be using a grappling hook and abandoning the group. We're guessing that this member of the Suicide Squad goes rogue...triggering the bomb implant (or whatever the precautionary measure turns out to be). It doesn't help that Joel Kinnaman's government operative character, Rick Flag, says "Try to escape, you die" as the knot-tying dude is trying to do just that. In Batman: Assault on Arkham, the bottom tier villain known as KGBeast is killed by Waller's bomb after trying to rebel, though the character's alter ego, Anatoli Knyazev, is a semi-important character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. (He was the flamethrower guy.) But while KGBeast is pretty low on the list as far as interesting or important DC Comics villains, Slipknot has got to be even lower. Making him the perfect candidate to get his head blown up when the Suicide Squad tries the whole world-saving thing.

Harley Skinn

In the previous Suicide Squad trailer, Harley Quinn is seen breaking into a store's front window display and stealing a purse, complete with an obligatory scene of actress Margot Robbie in her short-shorts, bending her rear towards the camera. Here, we have a scene of Harley Quinn in a bra putting on a shirt, while all the soldiers and prisoners at the compound have stopped what they are doing just to watch her change. For anyone wishing DC movies weren't so bleak, there's your ray of light.

Batman puts a Harley in the Batmobile

Ben Affleck's Batman definitely seems to play a significant role in Suicide Squad. During a really short scene, we can see the Dark Knight carrying an unconscious Harley Quinn to the Batmobile—the same Bat-vehicle that we saw him use in Batman v Superman. Referring back to the trailer's opening dialogue of Superman hypothetically attacking the White House, it sounds like Kal-El maybe hasn't yet made his big sacrifice against Doomsday during the end of Batman v Superman when this movie takes place. Likewise, this version of the Batmobile appearing in Suicide Squad suggests that the events of Dawn of Justice have not yet happened, since the car pretty much gets wrecked after crashing into Superman.

No Aquaman? No problem!

Harley Quinn can be seen rolling around on a rooftop during a small segment of the video. This likely ties into the scene from the last trailer, where Harley takes a glass elevator up the side of a building and waves to her companions from afar. Well, Harley gets her own punishment for leaving the group, as she is seen falling from said building. The scene is immediately followed by Batman leaping from a high height towards a body of water. While it seems like he might be trying to save Harley Quinn from falling, she is nowhere to be found in the water. Plus, Batman is wearing some kind of breathing apparatus on his face for underwater exploration. Looks like Aquaman has the night off.

Enchantress might be the main villain, and may corrupt Katana

Around the 1:46 mark of the trailer, you can see Katana swinging her titular blade at Harley Quinn. Some kind of glowing, green cord is attached to the back of her head and trailing behind her. This seems to suggest the work of the Enchantress, a magical character who we've previously thought to be a member of the Suicide Squad team. So...is she actually the main antagonist here, turning Katana against her Suicide Squad teammate? Having a Loki-like ability to control other people likely explains why the Suicide Squad can be seen fighting off military soldiers and why their helicopter was taken down by another one. Amanda Waller would definitely want to assemble a group of bad guys in order to stop a villain as powerful as the Enchantress.

The giant eyeball guy is one of Joker's cronies

Jared Leto's echoing laugh is followed by a short scene of him looking ready for some nefarious deeds. Behind him, a bunch of other guys can be seen carrying large costume pieces. One of them appears to be wearing the giant eyeball that we saw in the previous trailer. This suggests that The Joker has his own posse of men. Like the presence of Batman, the Joker and his men are likely going to throw a massive monkey wrench into the inevitable standoff between the Suicide Squad and Enchantress' forces.

The Killing Joke

Despite the negative feedback the Joker is getting from the masses (since he looks like a gangasta juggalo), Jared Leto's interpretation of the character has actually really grown on us. One particularly awesome-looking scene has Mr. J pulling the pin out of a grenade with his teeth. It looks pretty comic-like in its visuals. If you look closely, a good third of The Joker's face is darkened, likely from some sort of explosion.

Jokin' ain't easy

While speaking with Collider, Common revealed that he'd be playing Monster T, a criminal in league with the Joker. In this picture of Mr. J, you can see Monster T's reflection behind him. Since we're still looking at this particular scene, take a note of the Joker's Johnny Depp-number of fashion accessories. Even in the previous picture of the Joker rallying his goons, he's wearing some kind of lavish leather coat and sporting a gold chain that would make Razor Ramon proud. Combined with the fact that he drives a high-end sports car, this version of the Clown Prince of Crime feels like he's going for the aesthetics of an evil circus pimp. Ignoring this Lil Wayne-esque take on the Joker, we can't wait to see Jared Leto's Joker take on Batman and hang out more with Harley.