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Who Does Aldis Hodge Play In The Walking Dead?

Lasting for over a decade, the horror extravaganza "The Walking Dead" ultimately became a who's who of Hollywood actors. Starting small with Andrew Lincoln, whose main credit of note was the controversial Mark from "Love Actually," the show would go on to feature impressive character actors Seth Gilliam, Xander Berkeley, and John Carroll Lynch. Even in the more minor roles, it may be surprising to go back and see how many actors have blown up since their appearance.

Aldis Hodge has now spread his wings in the DCEU as Hawkman, one of the best parts of "Black Adam." But not so long ago, he appeared as a heartbreaking part of Michonne's (Danai Gurira) past in "The Walking Dead." Appearing in just one episode, Hodge portrays Mike, Michonne's boyfriend and father of her son, Andre. What may have started as a loving relationship devolves into nightmares when Michonne's terror dreams reveal that Mike and his friend, Terry (Brandon Fobbs), are the first zombie pets we see. Harboring some serious trauma, Michonne cuts off their limbs after learning that they were responsible for her son's death. After that, Michonne's treatment of the walkers makes more sense than we would like.

Mike's fate was fitting

The revelation of the pets' identity is well into the series after we have grown accustomed to Michonne. Until that point, it is clear that she is just as damaged as Rick (Andrew Lincoln), mourning her losses as well. Her connection to Carl (Chandler Riggs) comes with harrowing baggage when we learn she lost her son. After becoming adept at the samurai sword, Michonne would go on runs in her previous camp. One day when she is away, her camp is overwhelmed by walkers. Too high to protect Andre, Mike leaves his son to a horrible fate. When Michonne returns, her decision to turn Mike and Terry into walking and groaning protectors is not hard to understand.

"You meet Michonne after she's realized she's the higher lifeform," Danai Gurira explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "So how do you make the lower lifeform work for you? And that's what the pets manifest. They are the lower lifeform working for her." A lower lifeform is the perfect phrase for what Mike and Terry become to Michonne. Everyone struggles with the zombie outbreak, but Mike and Terry become more than useless. While Michonne is an asset to her community, she returns to see that her boyfriend's vices have destroyed her family. Turning them into pets is a worthy punishment for them. But it is a punishment for Michonne too — she feels she deserves (un)living reminders of her failures.