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The Equalizer 2: Denzel Washington Is A Killer Lyft Driver In New Trailer

Even if he has to kill for it, the Equalizer will earn his five-star Lyft rating. 

Denzel Washington is back as ex-CIA agent Robert McCall in The Equalizer 2, once again teaming up with the director of Training Day to deliver a feature full of brutal, bone-crunching old man action. 

As opposed to the movie's first trailer, which largely focused on the broad strokes of what we can expect from the sequel story, The Equalizer 2's second trailer is mostly given over to one specific scene. 

After a roughed-up-looking woman is deposited into the back seat of McCall's car for a Lyft ride home, McCall returns to the pickup site, making his way into the abusers' apartment under false pretenses. He says he's there because a credit card was declined; as we observe shortly later, he's really there to beat some ass with military-grade precision, using mostly just his bare hands, random furniture, and what is probably the most violent Star Trek reference ever.

The Academy Award-winning filmmaker made the first Equalizer movie in 2014 with director Antoine Fuqua, with the two later going on to collaborate on a remake of The Magnificent Seven in 2016. 

Like the first movie, The Equalizer 2 is based off of a TV series of the same name which ran for four seasons in the late 80s. It is the first sequel that Washington has ever made over the course of his forty-year-plus career.

The Equalizer will be out in theaters on July 20. Check the trailer out for yourself up above, and try and tip your Lyft drivers in the future. You never know when you might get matched up with an assassin at the wheel.