Star Wars: The Bad Batch Theory - Fireball & Nemec Will Die In Season 3

Season 2 of "Star Wars: The Bad Batch" saw the titular group of genetically mutated clones continuing their efforts to bolster the ranks of the "Clone resistance movement" founded by Captain Rex (voiced, like all other clones, by Dee Bradley Baker). This network rescued and brought together clone troopers who had become disillusioned with the Galactic Empire and decided to fight back, and in Season 2, we actually met several of the rebellious troopers who joined this cause, including "Fireball" and "Nemec."

Both of these characters are introduced in the episode "Tipping Point," in which they can be seen fighting alongside Echo during a mission to save the other clones (including Howzer) from Captain Pearce (Ben Diskin) and his Stormtroopers. Although these two troopers are relatively new additions to the team, some fans on Reddit are already theorizing that they'll meet a gruesome demise in Season 3 of "The Bad Batch" – particularly because they are so popular among fans.

"I think howzer, fireball and nemec will probably all die but not before the creators make them our favourite characters SO IT HURTS THAT BIT MORE!" wrote u/Cthuluuuuu. "They probably get a glorious death but i prefer if they retire and die of old age," echoed u/huntervertigo22. As summed up by u/Comrade_agent, "new clones don't get to survive here" seems like an apt motto for the majority of the show. And when you have characters as well-liked as this duo, fans seem to expect they won't make it to the series' end.

With Tech's death in Season 2, it seems unlikely for any popular clones to survive

Perhaps part of the reason why people so adamant about Fireball and Nemec's imminent doom is the fact that the series has already killed off another fan-favorite character during the finale of Season 2, as Bad Batch staple "Tech" was forced to sacrifice himself for the rest of the clones to survive.

Tech's somber demise is a reminder that anybody can die in this series, even those clones who are incredibly popular within the "Star Wars" fandom — including Fireball and Nemec, who are extremely well-liked by fans online. In the Reddit thread for the episode "Tipping Point," users were ecstatic to have new named clone troopers who actually survived beyond a single episode, and quickly became attached to these new faces despite the likelihood of their death.

"Fireball and Nemec went off. It's nice to see the Clones be portrayed as the insanely elite soldiers and warriors that they're supposed to be," wrote u/TrickTelevision0, praising the way these new additions showed off the true potential of the clone troopers. It's clear that fans have already grown attached to Fireball and Nemec despite only appearing in one episode of the series, though given their recent addition to the series (and the show's track record with popular characters) it seems unlikely that they'll both survive to the end of the show.